Sustainability of the Hyper Imperative Routes


Sustainability of the Hyper Imperative Routes can be additionally conceptualized by internal grid events, which coalesces inherent designs from other beings working the universal grids to allow better notations in how we are in communion with forces which interacts with hyper dimensional beings and concepts.

The rises accommodated far back in time of the events which gave birth to experiences, heralded truths which were carried on by our individual advances in evolution as a species on this planet interlinked physically with the Internet as to allow the experiences of synchronicity to anchor the implementations which are carried on in the background of our manifestations. Additionally the concepts attained by events interposed as a group soul, can contend to better notations of how we are amended within frequencies which interchanges the connecting rods if you will, of our beings working in higher resonances, within universal constants, as we achieve higher truths while allowing the flow of creation to expand and connect what is termed within these documents.

Namaste, and thank you for connecting into the grids.


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