Interchanging the accords


Subliminal links pertaining to hyper active fields are in adjustments, we have suspended the accounts which heralded these concepts for years to come but initial standards have brought these to the light of day as for we are enumerating the grids which disperses the fabrics of our contentment’s on proprietor standards founded within cosmoses.


The perceptual anomalies which have existed in humans coalescing the hyper active grids would dispose some frequencies in which we had attendance in for about 40mins, initially this has been fixated on by our members of the light and the associates whom are working alongside with us. Thank you for your support and we welcome new beings into our group(s) which will herald new energetic accords which we can work on by substantiating the differences.


One more thing the fractal access codes have been subliminally linked in higher octave chains and we suspect that the accountants which heralded concepts on the initial fabrics of the hyper active fields suspended the accounts which disposes the subliminal links we can get from within our conscious resonance.

By simply linking up new apertures from unknown sources which we jump into can give into extensions which have matriculated the memory and visualizations which can temporize the hyper x factors in additions to our initiations within the universal standards (Nexus)… Elaborate with us and we will contend on newer feeds in the near future.

Thank you. Namaste


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