Remissions occur from distribution of these forms


Active grid type ratios are interchanged daily… Access codes are given from subliminal messages, portended fabrics are shifting… Subliminal messages are impartial to the higher potentials inherited from galactic beings… In additions we will temporize the hyper velocity factors for type x grids which sustains the accords of our formulations.

In excessive counts we have additional data (constructs) which heralds the attractive forces while postulating from greater resumptions in demands which are carried on daily by hyper active fields and initiates of the first contact.

Rises in potential reaps which have been in redistributions (contributing) energetic cords which alleviates hyper active fields can potentially summit the designs which came from exo-extensional entities.

Amassing light from the hyper active grids would sustain the many differentiated fields which links all of our data together for accountability in the near future understandings which will come about from exponential events (factors which heralds remissions).


In concurrent nodes adjacent to infinity, we have bypassed some of the subliminal messages which prerequisites the hyper x factors to give us coordinates which seems to have undulated our memory for hyper active fields. If we carry on within additional constructs which potentially gives rise to new exemptions in the commanding forces… Then from neutral intakes acquired within these documents, shall be distributed for remissions of the contact codes… In additions the temporal grid factors have comprised your levels of comprehensions within the hyper active fields to sustain probabilistic factors which carries on New Age Groups as Gaia portends to our levels of initial causations after we attend in active statuses within the grids.


Portended fabrics have shifted by subtle immersions which gathers the hyper x factors in supportive venues while very interactive forms of our conscious liabilities should suspense the formulations acquired within Day Dreams.


Frequencies which are in concurrent rises have been experienced by individuals who coalesces the inherent designs of galactic forces (Cosmic, Universal Nature) which has commended to many individuals on this Planet. In extensive research phenomena’s we have become notable grid experts in the maintenance programs which have sustain the telepathic accords (Structural Synapse) from individual matters attained in a Quantum Flux Band (Q.F.B.).

Incisions portrayed at a generic splice has formulated better accords for us to give into hyper active fields and notations which conceptualizes the known matrixes in processes as these.


Governing flows have been suspended from actualizations of (Day Dreams) within subliminal accords.

To acquis additional constructs which heralds the energy of type x grids, should bring about better results in the near future as we acquisate the known formations of our undulated energetic assembly lines.

Namaste and Be at One.


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