Decisions caused by the Hyper Active Fields (HAF)


It seems that the necessary proponents needed to configure the right formulations for us to understand the hyper active fields may become known (noticeable) in concurrent forms of our understandings which are concurrently hidden from our main transposer.

What we are saying (the main transposer) is that the initial cause of the affected group of beings which holds space intact for us to live in… Generally this may not make sense but the potential to read these sentences today shows me that you are capable of holding a generic understanding of the words which I am writing.

So to transpose the initial effects of our undulated waves of energy… We would simply go into proactive study groups, which heralds concepts as these for you to commend towards better understandings which concurrently gives rise to our conscious co-kinetics.

In its simple formation of the word, (conscious co-kinetics) can stand for many different things in which one of the main reasons it has been unveil to me, was to compress the data which is held deep down within our roots (The Core) to sublime the experiences which potentially unlocks the very initiative roles (Fabrics) which are held under currents of change…

So initially this would portend to you holding space intact for us to collaborate with or without your consensus of reasoning while we interpret the many cords which are attached (Undulated) from formations as these.

Since we interplay links to higher co-active fields… What is dispersed throughout the understandings you can find within these messages, subliminally links you to higher co-active fields for substance abuse…

What we mean by this is that the understandings which are created from some proponents of a realization, can give you contributions towards the general life you are living while reading these sentences.

In actuality the proponents of discomfort, which came from way back in time… Gave us memorable exchanges in accords to subliminal messages which portrayed the exact amount of time it took for us to give rise to contributions which heralded concepts as these, for your initiations into the higher realms of thought and initially the substance abuse.

If you give us time to acknowledge the proponents which are hidden within your genomes… By then we should be able to surpass the liable forms of energy which heralds reverse pull (Deconstruction). In meanings our understandings can grow fond after we interplay links to your cosmic awareness, as for we are subliminally interchanging the accords of your dog’s movements while we interplay from the cosmic links (Alliance).

More so the initial cause of this message can be portrayed to Mario as we are speaking to him, while he transcribes and initially gives notice to his dog’s discomfort.

Please stand by for an extra message which is to come after reading this message in full…

Thank you Mario, now initially we are going to give about better understandings of (HAF) Hyper Active Fields.

Hyper Active Fields are Noticeable while we are transposing the fabrics of conscious co-kinetics in undulated formations for you to understand the deconstruction modules of our alliances.

Those are what the Hyper Active Fields are for, as we initially come to understand… They are deconstruction modules from our alliance (Cosmic Alliance).

Thank you for reading into the fields today, we will give better channelings in the not to distant future.



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