Leveling out the Playing Field


The playing field is construed of many things, initially the mechanics which works behind the effects of our consciousness can be changed by leveling out the playing field which means we are attributing better effects of causation towards the flexibility we have while doing daily activities as opposed to our work… By standardizations of the laws which have exceeded past expectations of what the playing field would portend to we initially have it in good occurances towards what we can term the Event for actual grid type ratios to augment in dispositional classes, what we attend at towards our life venues after embarking into a potential field linkage as compared to these writings which can be brought up for the standardization of the playing field while it’s being leveled out.

Remapp occurrence calls are a good point to start at when we get to restoration phases, or before starting a restoration phase as they cause structure within our genomes (crystallization), which portends to the super consciousness at work while (Imprints) are caused as new mechanics which works out in the Unseen aspects of the creations in conscious resonances which bypasses the inertia of our innactivities, should portend to higher attributable forms of Raw Conscious Energy (RCE) which can stand for the study fields, while we refine matters at hands… Remapp Occurrence calls can be additional within core structures of these writtings for better attendance in the future prospects unveiled to individuals whom are crossing over the threshold… It’s pretty much the same as tredding the needle while we say oppositions towards your contact goals can be seen as a standard model of associations which transgress within prospourous amounts of our Conduction Code Analysts (CCA)…

The amount of time it takes for us to re-transfigure the core initials of our super consciousness has to be done by groups of beings working in potential limits to surpass the standards of a group consciousness (A Collective) as fabrics which links temporal grids and other systems that we use for telemetry, can portend to some initial causes of the works being made “behind the scenes”.

While the bigger picture may change many time as we attain fractals of the composition which works with your structures in which you are delving into and developing… Attributing (Associations and Dissociations) while we drive the system for higher grid tracts which governs some proponents of the hyper imperrative routes and coalesces the potentials merited by achieving higher standards of the co-active links that can begin to withdrawn exemptions from our devotions and deviations within our creational context(s).



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