Aperture pt.2

Systems growing in complexities, are getting harder to contain and or control, localize as in, secure, and grounded. What we may be having issues with in these moments are in actuality parts of our truths, being emitted or send on out without much disruptions in how or what we may want to contend to, give about a surplus of information in “reason” to have as effects alignments which can help us, people to realize some of the vibrational frequencies emitted, “engraved” within the messages, while we adapt to, or for information, concepts which allows experience in playing, creating. What attaches us is playing, creating, getting in centered awareness or contact point as source or our greater self.

Pertaining matters we are having difficulties in throwing out* a concept which may become opened to us, (a new view point) which is important to accept if we are having momentarily adjustments, from being “small”. An extension of ourselves are part of the greater selves in combination forms, shining our divine light to acquire give love more so to others in many ways as enlightenment or usually just generally information which can help us, from being caught up into many things, to help us ascend, resend the information for us to be clear on what we want for the day.

More energy and clarity can come if we are sending out what we want usually every morning for adaptations naturally to give about some kind of remembrance to allow us to open up the flows to get that connection and greater possible flows which help us adapt to the many constructs being carried on out in these days, while we say there are aspects of our minds trying to control some things which keeps us held in a spot…

Temporarily we do not want those kind of things to happen…

2015 is the year for a great opening which will help enable a lot of energetic constructs which can help us acquire what is needed momentarily as eventual trails are being made for us to follow, or build forks and splits, to go on different concepts and creations to enable new things altogether.

But more so the aspects in which we would like to speak about has us in worrisome places, eventually after raising our vibrations high enough, or higher we will be able to explain what is needed momentarily without disruptions of the fabrics, which we can contend to momentarily, every day, to eventually give about informational flows which allows newer possibilities in how we can attend, get to contact with higher dimensional beings which many on earth already are in a contact.



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