Light bodies interactive in spheres, core spheres, augmentations of their light bodies in chambers, and activating from light ship connectivity (Consort) within all of the above. Explanations exempted in fearsome avenues promptly we give you measures to accommodate some fearsome tactics which exist only in the mind’s eye… What you define as the mind’s eye will allow you to interpret what their meanings are and what they should be utilized for… More so in-depths, probabilities are manifesting at large, while they give about a new consensus of reality in time, for us to ascend deeply within connotations where (Citations) had been given in the Mind’s eye for clear resurgence.

Top of the class what we seem to have manifested at moments interplaying links to infinity above the formations in perpetuated fabrics, seem to give about a surplus of reasons to abide in lower forms of thought where areas would denote things as (Time Fractals)… Seemingly the purposes of these may be in channelings, some opportunities to enlighten while we open up what some may term flood gates to new sectors. Also in acquiring some of the channelings in “Pieces” should allow more adverse effects, potentially the consciousness needs to rise, what we are seeing here is an augmentation in the fluctuating fields, emotional energy which disperses on accounts promptly after assimilating waves from the particle wave effect.

Seemingly the correspondence was greatly abusive… As if it was given occasionally for a prompting to go into meditation… What seems to correspond in these moments have selective choices, as aspects in which we can choose to listen to while having this formation written. Partaking in the wave which gives out the energetic formation (The frequencies) that which allows temptation to (Dismay) quite frankly within time of the events in formations. Contemporary these give out sums within effects of a chain reaction to core linkages which inter-seeds within our own minds aspects of ourselves in resonance.

Fractals give about new meanings in time of the eventual reaps… Which are parts of these channels in transcription while listening to the effects of an individual having selective attributes on “Media” which is played out, handpicked and repeated at her will, while another is in constrictive avenues partaking in formations which allows this information to be written in fractals if my will be it so.

Occasionally the formations which allows this information to be written is gathering momentum in formations which halts or transforms this undulated part. More so what we give here can be seen as an interchange (Linking) to an avenue in which time has dispersed are formations to allow (Activity) to form on bonds, acute to this formation, more so… Now as always fractals are acquisitioned and we give about new measure independently while forming trough what some may term a nexus.

Partaking in waves which allows all aspects of activity forming around us while we are writing has concepts emerging naturally trough (Canals) which hopefully they give about interpretations of what these canals may be (become) afterwards in depths or truths of these messages… More so what we are trying to say is simply this… The formations are interlinked trough canals completed from the activity surrounding are zero point awareness which is consciousness in expansion + Balance trough meditative state or stasis if we so to choose to and allow for the aspects of a stasis to begin. What stasis can be seen as is simply a being in standstill, actualizing reminiscing or construing parts within, gathering surrounding information from our senses which we can then fall out of and (Compromise) advance in effective means to form (Manifest) actualize in writing from within, the concepts which were allowed to be downloaded in those moments.

Coherency abides in all forms while advancing (Fruitfully) meaning… At great means, constructive regenerative, from all random occasional decisions or delusions, which can correspond to free will which allows us to view momentarily what some could term while they search or view the cosmos, something of a greater nature which is keen to (A calling) who’s consciousness interlinked through various fields allows for this intentional aspect (Free will) to evolve to something greater while we are advancing in our conscious fields. Which are contact points for greater advances in our own advances for what some may term mastery (Highest Possible Conscious Point or Contact Point) which allows beings to be intellectually and also physically at their peak in differing ways.

Advances which allows humans to go beyond the normal scope of learning, creating, and simply being. This would allow us to be free in causation of what we long for if we are at a standstill within our own life’s purpose. Contact has as a reason to reach those points and be at the highest intellectual, creative, or learning point in our lives at different moments. Practice makes perfect… To go “there” or “Into” and keep at that space (Consciousness Point) would allow for actualizations to be manifest at higher order thus we then can live truthfully at a higher point then what was previously attainable, and thus we live to learn and create to see, experience what is needed with our free will, until it is time to be, simply be at those points for contact space and a lot more.


17/02/2015 5:25PM


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