What seems to bother us in areas where we are in search of better options on certain things, can clearly define aspects of our “predispositions” towards the generated flux which comparts with excess triangulation… What we mean by this is when our greater self “senses” open up (Become about)…

It changes the general structure in which we would like to have momentarily at a type of conclusion, which comes about regularly in predispositions… Predispositions by which our thought process or cognitive “steps” simply has aspects of our commands for the next decisions, usually about on how the energy shifts after it is send on out (Manifest).

But comparting with this… The possibilities to Inquire, on ratter doubtful moments… Has us compromising, in an excess of abilities, the senses which we utilize to discover (retain) compromise of effects…

If we think of the particle wave effect… The summit, culmination has life altering properties when we are in deep processes which can allow (fruition) “evolvement” to take part freely and adjust within our timelines… What it is we are usually longing for… Looking for…

Simply put, aspects of our minds… When we are “Playing” together… Things seem to manifest clearer, after we notice… Get the general assessment, of this planetary system as a whole command, utilizing a lot of secrecy, and lies to either help or manipulate A Totality, which can then become neutral, in saying, this has us pondering on new abilities, which should develop freely once we attain what is needed (The Constructs) in meaning… The constructs… The formation of this Earths history… We as humans… What… Where… How we are at… IN this place momentarily for? And to get about better feats in how we can become intact for contact.

What seems impossible in these days are… Massive amounts of problems happening… Choices which are being made for “general accountability” but by suspecting things… We may as well FALL DOWN and inquire on past results. In which the pertaining matters… All so subtle, were for acquisitions, to new implementations (Measures) which allows humans to understand, the fabrics (Mechanics) of the star systems… Which temporarily… Simply from the micro to the macro… If we study consciousness… We can then understand, by creating (manifesting) in coherent nodes, adaptations, which would allow an excess of abilities to come to fruition… To come online…

Now what is needed has impartial results in predisposed events… Contemporary, some light workers are at about their maximum capacity, for correctional timeline breaks… Which by attaining knowledge from the vortex contact space… Simple yet ineffective… The (Mechanics) “The functions” are within large dispositional fields, which allows time space to warp… Heeding vortexes for manifestation on crafts, which shifts the generalized vibratory state (Frequency) of consciousness, to adapt to the possible formations of the unknown, which by crystallizing exempts… They form greater feats in postulations… Which are simply “realms in synapse”.

It’s the same as a dream, when we dream our consciousness acts in different frequencies… To adapt one must let go of the part which is conscious… And allow the unconscious to be whole and keep the system (The function) at its primordial “discretion”. This would allow (Time flux Identification programs) to begin… And thus the simplified terms of how we adapt to vortex in manifestations above… Think of supernatural… What we termed as magic has many differing cause in how these may work in totality.

Namaste                                                                                                             1:31am 2015/02/08


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