Deconstructed awareness(s)

What pertains to these matters are slightly shifting while we abide in lower forms of our consensus…

Reasoning imparts to heavy interactions with key players on this Earth.

We have synaptic modules in lock down for resurgence while we select new formations in the near future…

What pertains to these moments have subversive tactics while going on interactions trough technological advancements which are needed for us to adapt in future memorabilia the extension of our core abilities within synaptic modules.

Excelling in conclusions which are inept by advances while having predominant choices within our genomes functionality evolve for assessments of futuristic abilities which lie dormant in all of us.

Pertaining matters are high in potential views which allows us to augment in dimensions if we have what is needed momentarily within our own contact space.

The ideas which come out… The expansions which are made from gathering this Intel… Its prosperous amounts of words for predispositions or effectual means of adversities while enacting within synapse…

Simple yet ineffective measures were given for us to attend to momentarily…

Fractals of conscious decisions were based on synaptic modules which exceeds the nominal factors needed for understanding what those may be or become in viewers while portending fabrics evolve in versatile tactics… Which means we are giving out the known information which works out individually to augment our predispositions… The availability is there while we have it from interdimensional portals…

What adapts is possible feats in understanding how this information… While it is being written we already have as effect (A momentum) which leads us to give freely to others… Which has versatile tactics as reason to assemble in moments… One being going to hyper dimensional thoughts…

By having it set on out to the public… We have working space which needs to evolve indifferently for tactics which enables us to contend to the fabrics which these can bring about in postulations or experiences which become intact from a gathering… Accumulation of these transcript for long amounts of time… Without sending it on out for public viewing.

It has as effects a (Bypass) surmounting individualistic states for contact while we are giving it about to humans.

If we would choose to energetically accumulate all knowledge and formations on our own accesses… We would develop contact modules for a singular entity… Which would be the user… Simple as groups of beings holding onto secrets… The formations would allow dispersions of contact module for assessments of individualistic augmentations within dimensional compartments or ensnarement for actualizations of what we would think of as the Quantum thought…

In work-full matters the sub groups pertaining to the effects of gathering these… Have selective feats in how we advance in all our experiences which we can conceive or give about for individuals going through the same postulations or experiences… Some might believe they are under attack or having immersive venues which would be from technological or psychological warfare…

Simply it is a form of augmentation to higher understandings while we abide in all experiences which we choose from our birth to have as effects on gradually changing Earths timelines to higher apertures and physically advancing are states to greater types of velocity factors which will enable us to have freely the advancements which are needed if we choose so and evolve to that singular point… As selecting attributes to form greater bonds in connectivity with humans at peaceful grounds.



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