Hyper Dimensional Thought

Degradations throughout the planetary grids… Composing crystal fields… Matter which abolishes the flows…. Conceptualizing the remaining parts, header, and choices within developments.

Formal attributes are composing crystal fields.

Implementations acquired once devotions rise in the sub selective avenues/fields, within mappings (Generated from Quantum Thought).

The Hyper Dimensional aspects, within those fields, (creations/manifestations) has attributes of what we may term advance or higher technology in dispositions, within the fields, manifested, developed within, from moments of generalized contact… Which composes/counteracts the devious programs while having the higher adaptations within moments of truthful matters (Sub selected), formed in groups, deviated from factions where the key matter (Composition) is in need of balance factors.

Contributing to new advents, implementations which constructs/contemporizes the eventual (factious) denominations, which interlinks by interchanging information (Light) at greater avenues, disrespected if one allows the nominal factors to co-create within moments of intellectual stamps. (Generated concepts) for “Mappings” to begin and cause sub selective fields/avenues to augment in dispositions, towards the higher actualizations, which in key notations has developed the greater attributes within moments of simple deviations towards the (generated flux).

Those dispensations are in actuality, greater remnants of the possible flows which can be developed or tapped into, if we are within notations, development for key contributions throughout the grids… But sub selective fields, while they are composing the matters/construct, they crystallize from exempts… The possible matters/contact point/interactions for the general fields, in this case mappings… To evolve truthfully for nominal factors… The basics to evolve or so be gained, while independently we form the greater constructs, avenues which develops the nominal factors… Which are ingrained/compose our functions attributes to develop, conceptualize, integrate avenues of higher conations…

Temporal avenues, developing after conceptual setbacks… Which were created for your development in fields where the sub selective constructs have been actualized for interdependences (Higher wave) Flux, within moments to actualize the fractals within probability factors while condoning the greater exempts/remnants within opportunities, gradation points.

The fractals have developed within choices/interactions, which would be greater in the eventual remaps, which have contemporized the means to having better connotations, while selecting the “prospections”/”advents” from Hyper Dimensional Thoughts…

These were deemed important in the fabrications of advents… While complying within the momentum of said beliefs/energy/constructs to advance within moments of a Singularity by said choices/developed fields within…. As for the greater eventual means of having those working within the sub selective fields… Contemporizes the velocity of factors, which in acquisitions can develop the nominal factors needed for the mappings/construct/system to function within moments of achieving the Quantum Thought, event within predispositions towards greater avenues in contemplation by simply selecting your life choices/decisions in moments to advance a soul in evolution, which brings about the nominal factors needed within creation to be placed at “excerpts”, points for manifesting, while adapting TIME for singularity. But those concepts have been brought back from the nominal factors, because the events leading up to the points in which manifestations, were possible in metaphysical understandings/fields, which composed the greater residual effects (Vortex Contact Point).

Seeming possibilities, would be denunciated if we had attained a balance factor to gradually delve deeper in the experiences, while holding space, energy held within constructs, formed by mappings gathered after the nominal factors are created at basis… Which from basis to basics, we can then learn, accept or form/understand how those basics may be applied while independently we may have no idea how these come into said manifestations, thus rules are created as concepts to keep track, a trail of how we may be gathering the momentum to learn something which may not be in this “existence”. What we mean by this is simply, having experienced something which we cannot denote because of the fabrics, (what already exists), our way of understanding it, comes from senses which are beyond the 5 senses which we utilize daily to manage in the physical plane. But it is Light, it is Information, which by causation, everything that is in existence is a form of communication…

Our way of understanding said communications, from things, which may be understood in many differing ways, because of our creations (Mappings) to assign a concept*, which is setting a value to what we can comprehend from that thing, which is part of the communication process. Now imagine another dimension existing as a universal mind, working in the background of what we conceive from a lower stand point, as physical matter, from the micro, to the macro. What this universal mind may be after achieving the higher degrees’ which enables us, a generated vortex within, utilizing/beginning from the nominal factors, which is the constructs/mappings to allow the values, to be assigned within the higher senses… Which allows us to see/perceive from construction, (Perceptibility) of higher existences, by maintaining that form/energy/concept/construct, which in these last pertaining functions within those dimensions/existences, temporal to our states of being, we can tap into what we could call a Quantum Flux, which impedes the functions (Balance to maintain) that energy, frequency, from the created constructs, developed within higher senses.

An example, of how the constructs may work… What you generally take in as information, let’s say it is a sunny day, and someone told you, or you read somewhere that on sunny days, people are less likely to fall. Now what you may know as a fall, is how you will be enabled, within to conceptualize the higher energy in maintaining constructs, to adapt law’s within your higher senses, what can be termed as adoptions of evolving abilities, attributions to higher implementations, keen concepts crystallized within moments of contact after gradual, layer over layer, of sub selective fields, of information, which you can see yourself within, utilize for exempts to higher attributes while composing your general day life to higher dimensions (Ways of being). Which for example, the more time you spend within those dimensions from your created constructs, the more you learn (Adapt and download) abilities which help you manage in future trips, greater attributes to the next stage of developments abilities, as telepathy, and healing, channeling, endurance to pain, general balance, self-generated matrixes, vortexes for advancements, programming sub intellectual fields of others… Conversing with others subliminal body, conversing with their genomes directly by sending energy, as light language, or body interactions…

Light language for example, would have been downloaded in the higher dimensional states, which has causations, of the greater effects, moments of activations and portal managements, contact and so on, after what we could view as initiations, in some ways.

Prosperous amounts of info, can be downloaded intellectually… Usually when we are at near death experiences or contact after going into those dimensions without knowing, because what I term the universal mind, or form of matrix, which in this case would be us delving in our higher nature knowingly or not, after gradual amounts of folks would or could entrain creations as these for those whom may have been in the experiences, and with lack of understandings or experiences, may not be able to see, how we are in something greater than we can imagine in those moments, which the general concepts, in which we understand those, has as function, a base, for us to know that we are in shifts, which can be causation of harder times if we have no general idea, of what’s going on, until we integrate/anchor the concepts, for others to see, intellectualize, their experiences, to some of the experiences which every time we go up into those dimensions, there is a similar aspect within them all but the way we go up, trigger, is always different and the trips are culminated to a general understanding of us evolving to higher nature/order/abilities/balance and so on.

Deviant, cases are not abnormal within constructs superimposing the intellects while querying attributes are formal in the dependences, or addictions, which may be causation of abilities at those moments, delving within the higher constructs dimensions, to conform, actualize the basics, understandings which comes as synchronic order. They are simply points, vortexes, which by causation, anchored by beings attaining, downloading, the concepts, at the nominal factors… It causes adaptations within their formal timelines to actualize remnants of components, proponents to develop the time fracturing advents to create (Get to), moments which causes what we may term synchronicities… We are the ones forming them, we are simply not conscious of how they are happening/being implemented… This is what we call the higher senses which we have in these moment’s to develop abilities, constructs, within “higher dimensions” to have those enabled more frequently.

How this may work, has in effects, what we may term a lot of going back and forth, within dimensions, to download, intercede, proponents of the higher mind (Background mind) Universal mind, (Higher Nature) to develop (Become conscious) of what was always there, balancing out the effects, conscious to unconscious, lower dimensions to higher dimensions… While we adopt more and more abilities and effect’s within the implementations constructs while keeping, holding space, anchoring those constructs, energy, while in higher dimensions, brings more order, to some whom may be unconscious of said systems or possibility’s.

Imagine, what we termed as synchronicities, was in effects a “coincidence”, now while adapting more time in those dimensions, what is termed synchronicities’ has developed to “not a coincidence” but an effect which means we are heading the right way.

Now what we term as a concept in which (coincidences) are not known the same way anymore… The way we understand synchronicities’ as the right path may shift to, effects which are temporary, residual, from beings which are anchoring, learning how to become telepathic, and many other attributes, while bringing order to more dimensions (Which is construed within us) to develop the factual means of being able to say, well these are no coincidence… There is something going on here…. Which brings us to consciousness.



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