Internal Accords

Probability factors, what is driven here, is probability factors, what we condone to in these times will enable a new viewing point, in awareness’s around the world (globally) enabling the higher channelings to advance in there dispositions, (Fields) where the acquired telemetric (Points in Space) will allow us to view conditioned systems through contrabands, a sort of power balance/management in perpetuate fabrics.

The flows are giving about a new consensus, in generalized account, possible manifestations within these moments may be beyond the normal scope (Contending view) of our awareness’s while implying the greater fabrics individually accompanying eventual experimentations within the field viewers.

Pertaining aspects are set at quadrants individually to gather some momentum in the abnormal, aboriginal aspects within time of the (Momentarily Glitch) which can interplay, play, link aspects of the greater feeds together according to subatomic laws. States of our beings linking higher advents while stratospheric levels are pertaining to our inner worlds.

Formal switches, aspects needed to say about (turn around) the known consensus after we fall into aboriginal concepts, pertaining matters are set at higher dispositional fields while we clearly are in adjustments of the fields interplaying links to some advents (eventual means) bypassing if our awareness is enacting at/in subconscious “prototype”, energetic anomaly, (Concept) enable for us to understand while we are in moments (Gathering/reaping) information either within flows or at dispositional fields which works in crux within (Time Flux Identification Programs).

More so the concepts which are enable for us to see, advance quadrants of space, energy, for manifestation, after gathering, accounting, means to disperse the residual fluctuations, independently, having augmented our senses, to see, (Enable) a “round up” of events, in meaningful, synchronic order, which can be from simple to complex, event’s, either subtle/discrete or large and very obvious.

Higher minds can adapt to formal interdependences which are enacting in controversial fields/feeds advances within our consciousness/genomes in having eventual means to fabricate a new map, according to law’s which will help us in researching from experimentations, and experience, deeper effects of mind control*, for advancements in higher dispositional fields at adaptations or developments within abilities for construct (Information), sub selected trough synchronic order formed at events.



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