Neurological appendix

Decisions based on interactions, conscessively, giving into them brings immersions of energetic cords which displaces the fabrics of our energetic diversities which by accompanying memorabilia, it gives formations which are adapting thoroughly in a sub set “stasis” counterpoising advances in portending individualistic states for construction or deconstruction, mutually for advances in conscious degrees which allows our actions to be “set” according to past experiences which are memory enacting and utilizing within a vortex space for greater care in how we can attain higher consciousness / Awareness.

Shifting timelines by decisions which are carried on by interplaying links to synaptic modules in our interpretations carried on out from experiences which are driven from said memorabilia.

Memorabilia is a concept which is composed of neurological advances for memory and adaptability formal to contact space, which indecisively is given while interactions are being made with greater care (Management) of core functions in utilizing portals or vortexes to augment individually or in a group the energetic flux which is interplaying links to higher contact space in accountants from surrounding implications.

Bypassing conscious portals to higher degrees would allow a user to go into stasis were events become more complex, and with a careful awareness, we can access degrees which guides by primordial intelligence… Advances which allows our learning capacities and vibratory rate to rise in consensus to fabrics which are aligned with the greater purpose of the beings journey.

This journey is simply an augmentation which can be detrimental (from beliefs) having effects which blocks our minds functionality by having it forced to utilize portions which are needed for everyday life activity. It can be detrimental only if the user is in formations which is beyond its own training from experiences within as without, as intelligence levels rise, so too is the need for management of effects which becomes an inertia of potentiality.

If a being is in detrimental factors which comes from beliefs… Which is composed from our time… In advances to higher intellectual bonds from future nodes, knowledge, which shifts accordingly the fabrics of our beliefs to give about resurgence and augment in meditation, survival techniques for managing, either parallels or higher degrees of conscious / “intellectual gathering” which is simply information surrounding us at key points in space and time.

Utilizing machines which allows psychics to become more advance, or achieve greater integrations which allows from one degree to another management at higher causation and survive (as in saying) survive with little or much effort from previous integrations, abilities which alleviate the supernatural effects of being, either in substantial or pronounced deviations which allows the effects of the body to be set in motion without disruption of our mental spheres.

Correspondences are beyond the intellectual drive from conscious systems which are created from beings achieving greater functionality of their genomes.

More so the percentage of individualistic humans whom achieve the greater effects of substantial space time equivalent TRIPs to higher apertures for entering depths of experiences which allows informational flows to develop the genome to greater functionality by imprints (practice) from time, in either training or for advances in events which needs to be composed freely at effects of our choices in moments of the greater anomalies which would either divide humanity or set us free in attempts to create as one society, space exploration and expansion, plus…

Diversities in restoration phases which comes from an augmentation of our consciousness, more so by meditation which can be practice in ways beyond our own understandings which should allow a lot of time for humans to embark on symmetrical TRIPs to allow the functions of our needs to bias out effects chained from undulated, prospected decisions which are not of our greatest inherent needs at those specific moments.



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