New Messages

Interlocking advent’s, new telemetry, prospections, key notations, abbreviated fabrics, and thought connotations, abrupt frequencies, adjusting interplay (Interlink), quadrants set for manipulation…

Two Interplaying Links: /Sub set deviated fabrications/ – /Interplanetary Core adjustments/

Let’s start with Interplanetary Core Adjustments…

Conforming in minorities, aspects bypassed within sounds governed in intellectual remaps… Cohesive through alignments made at super positions, for symmetric downloads.

Inertia of momentum, has aligned one of two formations in conforming a gradual map, (Path way) to selective formations, interplaying links to higher consciousness… By symmetric alignments they (We) adjusted the known frequencies, Interlocking advent’s to new predispositions in minorities.

Prospections have “clipped” the nominal factors, and brought us to higher citations in remembrance programs, which have brought about a surplus of information (Intel) in accountants.

Post traumatic responses, were acquired for sub selections, (Forms) of “Subliminal* Contact” to advance in predispositions towards what we had termed greater flux (Unification) in totality of a “System” which was predisposed to greater fabrics, abbreviated trough citations … Careful now, we think “misuse” of the (Intel) can be carried on towards simplified world commands for understandings* … What we think as misused, can become something of greater clarity, once we open up portals for ascension protocols.

What is misused? Contraire to this moment, what is achieved in a (Time lapse) has differing causes of affection towards a momentary flux, adapting “crystal links” to new heights, (Interpersonal relationships) confined within transcending space X energy multiplied by Y and adjusted by Zero space (X) Energetic fluctuations (Z).

Sub set deviated fabrications…

Connotations, raspberry, acquisitions, colors are adaptive in the mind’s eye as for raspberries are delicious and nutritious… Ascension protocols are given from (Ascended Masters), beyond the veil/void to other dimensions and planes of existence… More so, E.T.’s are within and about to give new exploration methods in contact module of experiences… While we are adapting thoroughly at new causes, effect’s which implies greater aspects of ourselves in a T.R.I.P. (Transitional, Realms, In, Postulations) the after effect’s are part of what we would like user’s to give about their experience… Explain as best as they can some aspects of their contact in T.R.I.P. More so the given formations from beyond, while they are attainable the formations of the greater effect`s in `Bonds` Types of Energetic Resonances, which allows for these type of Experiences to evolve… Let user`s go into a T.R.I.P. and help alleviate the fabrications of our minds in a (Downgraded Earth Reality).

So to… It allows for formal activities to develop in a ratter more extraperidimal fashion rather than extraperidimous. What those create as effect`s in linkage, are simply postulated frequencies, adjusted from remembrance programs, helping us adapt to an “interchange/exchange” of Minds, for the time being. What this has as causation, a type of symbiosis from resonance. Look, if a human connects to more than one state of his mind, from having it altered, momentarily the awareness becomes “unnumbered” simply it act’s out as a fractal of consciousness, which is in a totality, formations corresponding to some higher intelligence, momentarily for communication, with our greater selves. Aspects of our greater selves are intact when we are in T.R.I.P. and those can cause a wide array of supernatural things, to happen, be formed, or manifest. Simply, they are aspects of ourselves in communion with a greater intelligence, which composes the entire cosmos and in a never ending flow which is similar or exact as cosmoses.

Now that we attained greater parts of our informational fields… In remaining header parts we will speak about devolution’s once again. Evolving souls, to evolve we notice that we are in cycles, which revolves, and evolves after successful attempts, pertaining devolutions, aspects where the formations where above our own evolution and having devolutions, devolve the known convolutions, where formations where in greater aspects to where, or what our minds where capable of doing while conversing with our cells, our genomes. Indifferently the acquisitions of the possible feats where areas of our devolutions where known, the postulations had become an active “Ingredient” in how we were able to pin point, “formations” on this Earth for general contact in T.R.I.P. and this has caused us to enact new Grid Technology, more so we could adapt to the possible forms of contact in which we were in need of momentarily for our evolution.

Consciousness has greater parts of what we are trying to evolve while in itself, it is self-fulfilling if we are gathering momentarily conduct for abbreviations to transport the formations of intelligences around the world on accountability of formal humans interdependent to actualizing the Grids, while in ceremonies and such. Those formed some interpersonal relationships to some of the contact crews out there and they have some of them under surveillance, where they are in a form of protection. In actuality they maintain them at good heart simply because we are amidst extraterrestrials whom have knowledge impartial on degree’s which can help us actualize components, or remnants of experiences which evolves momentarily with greater care “Units” of symmetric forms as Hybrids in avatar.

Helping in Earth’s gradual rise in consciousness, while adjusting the grid’s in composition to actualize formations which help the general flow of information which is transcript back into outer space.

What we mean by the general flow of information, is in actuality planet Earth’s vibrational signature, which is composed of frequencies gathered from many systems working as a totality emitting vibes, information, energy, frequencies imprint, and with us on Earth, our adaptations are becoming formal to E.T.’s presences because of our management’s, contemporary, our fabrications, with technology, which can be used in many differing ways, to help us get ready for the future.

Impartially the structures have about new measures or implementations which allows the general story to unfold while we are advancing at key points throughout the Grids which adapts to cycles and anchors information in “accounts/accountants” to have activations at key parts throughout the years and then breaking cycles to gather consciousness and advance us further on out in evolution of our “souls”.

What is causation of cycles can and will have many different “Ingredients” in how all of us will evolve from moments to greater shifts within consciousness at key intersections throughout the year(s).

Above all what we want to say is do keep it up, formations like these are beginning to augment “general ideas” of how or what (advances) we can condone to in these times.

Namaste 4:06pm 29/01/2015


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