Now wiring

Advance beings, setting themselves in light chambers and getting ready for their advance rewiring to take place accordingly.

Simply viewing them there side by side in those pods with glass as a cover over, when it slides down and locks them into those small pods…

It’s simply is nice to see adversities brought forth by the sustenance of our light bodies while we interplay aspects of the formal feeds, independently, it’s growing at a large consensus rather than extraperidimious, contending to those words we are now interlocking advents to neutrality’s, individually infinity is beyond our scope, peripheral fields, enacting in time to double up the amount of information we can acquire to, while we delve deeper into cosmoses, ratter some perplexing events help quadruple the cores extensions and we adjust clearly in newer intakes where our bodies where lying dormant (light bodies) now to have them awaken was quite a trip, helping us understand more clearly what it is we are giving here as an explanation to those light bodies… While they were being formed we implied on possibilities of giving souls a certain amount of time within them, this would allow access to numerous things, definitely in building up some core concepts and attributes developed for abilities which would be downloaded at large extent while we connected deeply at those core predispositions, light bodies, transforming our genetic material an DNA, cellular structure would evolve and we’d now have actualize a higher department of choices in which individuals may have gathered knowledge from utilizing their energetic or light bodies in the past and brought forth light substance for them to integrate and develop (work with) more thoroughly, and this can have as effects greater postulations on what is going on in depths, where aspects of the worlds are searching for better light and higher alignments to their god self… Simply understand that the technology they utilize has all parts of these embedded within them already… What you make out of it, what you can realize out of it is exactly what you will be able to utilize, begin to experience in the near future after adjustments are made thoroughly in advances of our consciousness altogether as one being or many light bodies in one account predisposing information for individuals to augment freely their own dispositions to acquired symmetrical alignments then we will become free and have the light of the day shining directly on us* … Mesmerizing tops in departure models … We grow found of you in these messages.



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