Quarantined constructs

Prospects deemed within this moment, we say congratulations on embarking on a route which was hidden from plain sight…

A view which contemporized the effects of how we were going to get you back on track.

What seems impossible to notice from you has effects, regarding the subatomic world views… The aspects in which we delve deeper within… In these constructs… Prospects are deeming these subliminal now, since the last integrations where partial in effects to advance a soul further in its works…

Now we come to congratulate you for your dire efforts. You see we know you like to have us accompany you… In which case we are always by your sides. Instantly no matter what beliefs or concepts you can think of or manifest… Simple terms is that we are here for a greater part of events, which can be undertaken as a group of souls coming together, in the same states/stasis where the fracturing of events (interplayed) prospections, which simply means governing attributes for contact/disclosure to happen while we are giving up extensive core concepts to those whom may want to be in “the know/known” about concepts which can be downloaded for a LOT* which is counterpartyed, in ways which seems impossible to get/manifest afterwards* which contemporizes the effects/aftershock in keen {ignition} systems which interplay the fabrics of our {MINDS} to collect to greater extents, possible “manifestation views” which is contemporary until we cross over with the knowledge &/or understanding which is needed for differencing, concepts which can bring us to a standstill or unbalanced state (world view) general understanding of what’s going on…

Which can cause individuals whom may not be in the known (general construct) “view” of what this human may be in while attempting to balance some factors for possible abilities and manifestations which seem impossible to any individual whom has never gotten within the “magic” which we can say they would need to understand A LOT MORE, before we could go on with attempting to follow through in those commands to accept our mission and develop these abilities which would be in a way an excellence to what our genomes can do when working at higher capacity than the average lower consent energy capacity, food, logic, drive motion, selection, roaming concepts/thoughts…

To enable a further construct, while humans learning in the abilities… Would be able to get the former ones to any “abrupt output” necessary for their individual tasks with care of course… Not to hurt anyone in a negative way, having that said we wish you a good day, we hope you ponder on what those abilities may be…

Psychic to the 9th degree, telepathic, master art, deviated constructs for abnormal attributes… Genome generation, nerve transportation, nerve cell regeneration/programing… Selective downloads, singular advents to moments which are reprogrammable (self to sub selective selves) individuals whom have gotten downloads, or are in pin point constructs in contact to/for the (vortexes) which in said Paramobilia, has constructs in understanding the vortexes.



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