Something which is beyond our attainable extremities of knowledge


It seems as we have come to an impass, which works concurrently in some form of advent which is interlinked with an individual whom is crossing over the treshold of our limitless potential…

The effects gathered from accountability can help us link what seems improbable in our expansions which acts out as Conscious Co-Kinetics, Derrivatives…

The assimilations which have been made can construe awakenings in individuals whom are having effects of the greater fields of knowledge which are dispersed throughout the many grids…

The subliminal links which acts out in the consciousness, surfacing from what seems improbable, can give connections to our developments which are comming online, from actualizations, Contemporarily given access to information which drives, from the actualizations, hyper assimilations of our genomes abilities to transcribe initial effects of these transmissions…

The probabilistic routes which exists in coherent nodes which coalesces from individuals working on my web site, seems to have gathered effects, translated, to our initial conduit, which is attainable in the future, by the universal law of being.

In our simple awareness, the universal law of being, has been written on (Galactic Free Press) … … In the past, which was leaps in how I came to these transcriptions with little effort.

The process, while going through exchanges and experiences which derrived of our activity on Galactic Free Press, had proponents of the first causes, of how I came to experience developments which attain singular momentum in causation of what we can term Quantum Thoughts.

How we come to know what we are working in, can casualy cause some types of leaps, in how we transcribe information which was in attendance to some “Forces” beyond our known knowledge, from Being Active in our Roles on this Earth.

As to come to explanations which heralded concepts of truth, we came to understand something which held us in accountable formations of an ever expanding experience, which had greater levels to what pertains to these Documents…

…As I am getting tired, the forms of these blogs may become shorter, until we rise in connections which helps us gather higher refinements of our energetic cords throught processes of Conscious Co-Kinetics… While enough to help out in greater forms, what we can assimilate and construe, for other beings becoming active on this website.

Namaste, Be at One


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