The never ending

Informational postulations given from inside jobs within consensuses abiding to or from cosmoses for planetary advances as sole purpose to fabricate the next generation of humans in fractured timelines. These timelines are leaking in excess some informational flows which carry codes for us to resend beyond our known world ideologies and reconfigure within our awareness what is needed temporarily while giving out the messages needed for advances intellectually and by group as one home planet in postulation (dream state) which allows numerous amounts of energetic cords to be introduced for connectivity of the higher openings within contact space for resurgence in type 11 and 76 activity from the great central suns.

Left out… What is left out may have importance in how we as humans may want to experience in doubtful moments what seems impossible which should allow from experiences, advances in how we can perfect what is needed in momentarily conducts to acquisitioned realms in postulating bonds of acute symphonic resonances. These allows formations to grow through symmetrical alignments, forms of our contact modules in undulated frequencies for humans to attend (experience) in dreams what is needed for resurgence of higher telepathic construct in compositional matters abiding from the lower vibratory states which we are settled in momentarily.

It seems as millenniums have passed since the dawn of individualistic abilities from conjoined forces of a greater nature in depths where some were in search of the higher apertures numerated from mappings in acquisition to the cosmos’s.

Interactions from subliminal contact experiences in interactions which are happening unseen to our usual awareness in what is usually happening momentarily and can give about a surplus of what we term a discharge in energetic assembly lines which enables contact modules to be experienced at quicker rates.

Possible feats in how these matters are getting conjoined with greater care in advances to our cosmoses has us in time flux identification programs which abides in faster intellectual processes while attaining sleepless nights in works for advances in postulating awareness which becomes about from symmetrical alignments denounced from stasis, paramount workings to enable our lives to shift accordingly within moments of the “responders” choices in having us become aware of something which is .001% unnoticeable while we are condoning to greater times of challenges in our energetic cords or abilities / bodies while interacting within postulating bonds of a mutual understanding for frequency adjustments in pertaining matters while they sub select new venues for interactions to occur independently in “remorse codes”.

Now what we want you to do is accept that which seems impossible to manifest… Clearly at large extent these channelings correspond to intellectual gatherings from councils above and beyond are known perceptual constants.



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