Conduction Points for Assimilations


The conduction points for assimilations are grounded deep beneath the surface of the Earth in some form of crystals acting out in our solar system, resonances which have been liable to sustain higher links to realities which exists concurrently in hidden realms, which are simply uncovered by the formulations which we are running on within these instances, what portrays at the exact moment of uncovering the hidden realms is TIMELESSNESS… It becomes a greater part of the totality of how we come to know if we are augmenting in our frequencies… If you notice time going by as “hours experienced in minutes” then we can comply on what we are beginning to transfer to, from the enactments of formulations that are beginning to align for higher connections to our innate abilities which may be discovered on the other side of the veil. As we cross into and over another dimension we come to understand the probable formulations that are being uncovered for techniques to greater forms of contact in existences. While implying on constructs which are changed by individuals whom have affected immediately the timelines, we are in a singularity which is exposed throughout our many lifetimes on this planet… The causes of the greater links to higher dimensions can be known as many attributions which are held under compression for analysis within our awareness (Decoding Reality) to formulate at better expenses what has always been there but simply gone unseen.

The greater findings which are casually met within this document can begin a higher link to your understandings of a reality which is shifting profoundly while time seems to contract (Speed Up).

The possible manifestations which lies dormant in us, can be uncovered by greater realms of thoughts that shifts what we can attain in the probable future timelines which are being activated by machines working on this Earth. As the galaxies are rotating, the effects of the vacuum which is interposed within space (Matter) energy and vibrations can simulate the effects of our inner core systems carried here on this planet. The effects interposed by grids disposing information which is carried on at light speeds, can modulate the different points of assimilations within this galaxy, as the conduit can begin to coalesce in what we could term a vortex, which if we nurture well, we can come to find out what we really are as “these” beings on this Planet.

To foretell of better causes in the implementations which are carried on within this transcription, we are enabling hyper velocity factors to conjoin the symmetrical analysis, processes which are being cooled down momentarily for greater conduction points in the assimilations beginning now.

Attributions to higher conscious energy can be causation of another galactic space, indifferent of where we are situated, the space which is held in vibrations can begin to link what we attain from constructed formulations held within us… As we develop on these, the potential to augment in dimensional grids which acts out as timeless reinforced states of an energetic assembly, is carried on in the conduction points through analysis which we are portraying within this moment…

Patents which comes out is fabricated for our own evolutions as developments seems to be “in chains” from the actualizations caused by hyper active grids disposing an inertia of intelligences which comes from another point in space (Contact). As we are contributing to our own expansions as well as any other individual whom is working concurrently with us either on the other side of the veil or in this physicality, we supply core extensions of the universes transfusions which lie dormant in accelerations made beyond the speed of light… Hyper assimilations conducted from analysis which portrays a hyper dimensional thought transcription, we are telling you of a probable misunderstanding which has been caused from a fractal grid access point, remissions are needed for accountability, we suspect demands of higher potential links tomorrow as additions to this document will begin to coalesce properties of a being working out vortexes within contact spaces, as additionally we have come to know this individual as a warrior working out on substantial proponents of a conduit which heralds fearlessness and an unbreakable Neutrality held from within the higher grids access points, which can be channeled to us freely, daily, while we interpose the fabrics of the assimilations as to copulate formulations that exceeds past expectations of individuals working out the higher grids… Interchanging the accords, we are beyond the implementations of the causal plains as we inquire some proponents of anti-matter… We suspect that the initial causes of the anti-matter phenomena may be grander in effects of what we can come to USE IT FOR as we are in a HYPER DIMENSIONAL THOUGHT TRANSCRIPTION.



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