Higher Flux

March 27th 2015

Temporal fields are alleviated from fabrics while contending, portending to fabrics which evolve on their own accords. Systems at play are reminiscing in/through accountants, which shifts co-dependent forms of matter (energy) in constant motion, inertia of the momentum while contending to the supremum which acts accordingly to systems linked at higher predisposed fabrics in achieving the higher flux bands (continuity) of advance civilisations, codex’s, which are interlinked throughout prosperous amount of the Alpha, Delta, and Beta (Omega Strains) in frequency alignments for temporal flux to justify some of the exact moments in space and time were we are alleviating some of the temporal flux programs for justification on the systems which have been brought down for perpetuated constructs which may shift in accords to the higher fluctuations in space time energy… (Energetics in transcription).

The core has properties in hyper dimensional thought transcription while we reminisce from advances interposed in links to higher connotations, from frequencies which were drawn back to us from the subliminal core attachments.

Temporal velocity factors, are shifting in core dispersions some of the aboriginal statuses which have been interlinked to core genesis, some advances are being made temporarily, in abundance to the supremum.

Intellectual flows are given in systems playing higher links to chained events in the temporal justification fields (programs), which utilizes ground matter (energy) in constant motion of the sub selective flows in which we can call light lines, which have predisposed fabrics in themselves to help us learn and attain a higher grid functionality in predispositions, while acquiring sub selective flows from core genesis, which has systems in perpetual motion, for advances in 23 or more contending field viewers while having controverted energy given in synapsis.

Effects in contributions to these flows are sublime to higher postulations while acquiring the deviated fabrics to help alleviate some of the temporal flux fields in predisposed fabrics while contending to the supremum, or suprema.

Inert activity contending to inertia of momentum was quarantined for us to adjust some concepts which have been given in irregular synapse, for conventional means (transportation/transcription) of ground matter (extroverted energy) in motion to contending field viewers while postulating in higher grounds (fluctuating fields) frequencies which have been adjusted for advancements on sub selected flows, for alignments in temporal flux fields…

Justifications on these pertaining matters are sublime to intellectual flows, and flaws, if we give from some of the exact moments in which we are getting an internal connection (combustion) to higher systems at play for frequencies to adjust and alleviate the fabrics of our minds in predisposed fabrics.



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