Immersive venues for Contact Modules

Interactions in core groups as ECETI and CSETI, are complimentary for humans which want to advance, learn develop some of the abilities, and experiences which allows comemorable extensions of worldwide phenomena’s to become (Get) active in formations which allows a prosperous amount of individuals to (get to) understand the general fabrics of how these things are going to manifest in the near future. The beings in the crafts and so on experiences with extra dimensions and more so, eventually some factions will contact more people on Earth to individually converse what is important in moments while some others are simply giving out their presences to allow humans to adapt in what we term some subjectable matters which would be in this case, unsurmountable if it were to let people interact directly, physically…

Some matters which are concessive in reasoning, how these beings are having or setting up a generalized idea of what is out there, and how they are, as peaceful and angelic, can sometimes make us wonder in effects to why it can be so, in some ways it allows us to get to know them in a way which is natural to us as love is one of the main factors in how this concession is apparatus… Meaning the world interactions made with extra-terrestrials and other dimensional groups, beings, can become different on occasions if you allow, get to see some of their purpose or agenda? In some cases, what their purpose is, has substantial matters on how we will evolve… In actuality, many things which are from differing groups, pertains to some matters in which we are going to become used to in the future.

The governments may be hiding “stuff” from us information, technology, but more so if we adapt intellectually, spiritually, and advance in ways which should allow us to become more psychic and enabled for differentials, what we can differentiate as the energies come in (Contact) in a way, can let you disperse what type of being is gathering or (energetic frequencies), gathering some things for you or from you, to eventually allow you to develop at quicker rates, then by allowing the intellectual properties to fade and advance in some processes which may be from other worldly “technology” then in some cases we can learn what is necessary to adapt to formal attributes by contributing to this planets general structure (Alignments) and concurrent nodes adjacent to infinity… Simply nodes in interactions from space (energy, frequency, vibrations), some of the formations which can transform some planets out there while maintaining the general structure of our “belongings” intact to whom we are in depths while allowing contact modules to be experienced through you with or without your consent.

Reasoning imparts with intellectual beings abilities to manifest coherent thoughts while giving about their consensus or understandings on how things evolve in this universe… More so how things function, which is a creation by itself, maintaining from a structure something which is created and may become conscious in a way from the fields being enacted, interplayed while the constructs are forming consciously from beings in creation (creational context) some inserts/concepts on how we are manufacturing daily momentum for a gradual rise in subsequent forms of energetic pathways (Rush) manifesting in dependence of outside forces for a gradual rise in frequency which anchors new patterns and different time portals which can be achieved from within. Inner states can help alleviate the formations which develops from our surrounding implications, what we view, and choose to “consume/accept” in basic terms, and what we give back as in contributions, can have great effects on your inner potentialities for augmenting in your own dispersions which are allowed once we enact some of the portals and conscious kinetic energy which is all around us in ways which deeper processes from within allows us to conjure up themes in manufacturing new advents in telemetric designs for augmentations of individualities (perceptions) in how we can learn something which does not exist as of yet in terms which we manifest at this location (space).

Correctional flux is adaptable by our own conscious reasoning while adapting to former bonds in the intellectual properties gathered from numerous students across this galaxy, something which sends out ripples in the fabrics of the energetic structures “running” behind the scenes, some interactive shifts happening momentarily… Now what is attainable has greater effects in what we can pertain to in these days while augmenting either in groups or individually, but some processes are known to be different in causations, which we have adaptations thoroughly as each and every one is (has) a different set of codes, DNA structure, genes and immersions on the neurological pathways may have as effects a surplus in what some type of groups on this Earth can attain if they have been subdued to “extensive/intensive measures”.

Corresponding intellectual drives are interactive throughout the planetary grids in cosmoses, what this means is simple formations by which our/the minds are connected mutually in and advance formation which is being enacted behind the scenes… What I mean “behind the scenes” is a form of structure which is imposed interconnected working thoroughly as a universal mind but for humans on this Earth while we become interactive some of its processes are interposed throughout various fields which allows us to experience, moments of what some term synchronicity, miracles, initiations, contemporary it works with some beings which are on this Earth, and some are quite advance… By utilizations, and advances which is interposed individually as we each have our own fields of structure, consciously, this adapts to the intellectual drives which is composed freely in some sub type groups of interactions created as a greater flow combining efforts of humans to intellectualize or actualize (gather) some concepts which can realign matters of this Earth’s history.

Potentialities are given in sub set motions conclusive to adaptations which were made in the past now we have found new measures which helps us alleviate some of the intellectual properties, or minds which are in “hard transcript” or in loop’s… Momentarily the functions of which ever machine is enacting as a flux capacitor for the quantum fields, mechanics which allows the minds to subdue to formations which are for transformational purposes only. While intellectually gathering momentum it disperses in fabrics (packets) some of the intellectual drives capabilities in humanoids worldwide while attempting to readjust or relocate itself in space and time, from interpositions within other dimensional realms… Simply the formations are grand in subjecting anomalies internationally, since the humans have different types of structures from space on this Earth, usually the mechanics are interposed and adaptive but with the formations of the sun, by enactments being made from clear attributes confining the general knowledge which becomes interposed from said machines, by realigning matter it becomes (Sets out) fractals in predisposed accounts* which is interlinked trough time, from various spaces across this galaxy or galactic plane for Earth to utilize and ascend in correspondence to choices in which we may make as groups or with Extraterrestrials in knowledge of the machines purpose, some utilizations were available in the past but because our functions have become manifest from problems happening worldwide the subjectivity beyond the grids interposed “awareness’s” became intact without them knowing, so unknowingly it had pertained to measures of a greater structural mind in contending on its own predispositions towards galactic measures, which inter-seeded previous accountants choice(s) from other dimensional space intact to our planet’s atmospheric levels of carbon monoxide and other metals interactive from some jet’s which disperses from day to day some of these chemicals…

Causations of the abnormal venues for interactions at higher openings in reasoning conquest of the aboriginal factors being played out momentarily, we say thank you and good bye.


Written 3rd, 4th or 5th March


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