Initiations to Higher Realms


We have come to an induction point for crystal grids, which has activated proportionate links to our substantial results which are keenly being observed by individuals whom have attained higher realms.

The effects of our 5th Dimensional transcriptions, carries on attributes of a psychotic mind, which implies we are running above errands of what we can achieve if we modulate our awareness to give into core expansions of the realities intertwined as the higher realms after attaining trigger points which seems to have causation of openings that are created from this day 11-11… The portals which are detained from an aboriginal synapses can conclusively bring us into higher transparency which construes the many venues which are held under concurrent forms of an awareness (Perspective) of the GOD’s and GODESS’s, which simply means we have attained in momentary fluctuations what caused us to forget how we can attain implications that are beyond our conscious reasoning for advances in our genomes inherent abilities.

To conclude this transmission I shall wright about a new development which is being made on this day by an individual whom is working excessively to JUMP THE ENTIRE PLANET to Processes which are going to become very exponentially BEYOND… By standards of our chemistry within, as causations of what we conclude in these messages can contribute to different levels of time, construing advents to new telemetry and expanses on core developments of the collective consciousness. While we are going into hyper transmissible routes, what pertains to these advancements may be causation of terminological expanses in the genomes abilities to manifest coherency in Higher States of Existence which will mark by this day 11-11 the portal grid exchange point which accelerated and reached its peak at 4:01AM Atlantic Time UTC-4… From contributions which have been made on my web site, I suspect some forms of processes which have been additional in our many “Discharges”… What this can possibly mean is concurrently hidden in another transcriptional point in time, which should become known after we attend to our purposes and roles.



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