The, Discomfort

What seems to pertain to individual ideas of what discomfort may be or is in a totality from simply the opposite (Being well), you can still be well and carry on some discomfort… What we are trying to say is that many individuals may seem as they are discomforted within their own selves, in perplexed realities, what this would bring up has as a (satisfying meal) a recovery* option for whatever discomfort you may had been giving into.

The thoughts, the way we understand things by simply feeling what feels alright and what isn’t always, alright in a sense. If we use our thinker, the mind, we may as well be getting the generalized idea of discomfort from what the mind is/has as an option while carrying information for you to understand what discomfort may be or become…

If we indulge ourselves in programs which are subliminal within the mind, then pertaining matters of discomfort may shift by inner actualizations, which would be carried on from the individual’s experiences… Which could then bring up the program mind, and allow it to distort your reality in ways which we may not have good use for.

You see, when we are simply in our hearts, the effects of what the mind usually condones, or has as thought processes or generalized ideas, repetitious sentences, circumstances bringing up forth some conditioned aspects of your general idea of how or what you contending to a situation may bring about coherency or gradually a fall* and eventually give into a distorted reality, which you experienced from what the mind has brought up, in moments of said experiences as “anxiety” in this main form, is a discomfort.

Now if we could shift the mind to silently be put aside for as long as it could, we would rely on our heart, as for the feelings are generated in the heart and brain (The Body)… while the mind is simply a program used to access information on differentiated accords, which implements, structure and order, to command, give a set of thoughts an ability to become an idea or structuralize, our experiences by testing out some of the occasional things we may want to be writing about in here.

In reason the thoughts may be ideas, which emerged from the processes of the mind.

Now what many see the mind as, is simply something as a program running on itself, utilizing energy on a constant, mechanical uprising of either thoughts, or chatter, as in beliefs in/to/from something in general or specific.

The generalized ideal, is made once we are at a working consensus, in totality of how the mind goes on about within (its own`111` purpose).

If we transmute its effects, or substantiate its differences by having it rewired, in simple terms, we may rewire the brain as the mind may be limitless, we can get stuck within, either in repeat or with loops, forming cycles, and every time we try to stop it clear in its tracks, it simply comes back online as soon as it had stopped or it comes back online at an experience as we are experiencing this reality, in a totality while being present, we chose what we want to experience and sometimes we don’t necessarily choose, may it be so, the effects of life itself is AN EXPERIENCE and the mind may be limitless in what it can do.

This implies that the mind is like an organic sponge, where the material being gathered from our senses, be utilized within the mind after trigger points, which accelerates the minds processes, in tantric manners, to have it potentially rise in extents to what its function may become if we have it under creation(s). ***Morphogenetic Fields may be an appropriate research factor at this point.

Unless you have the opportunity, to wright channelings or simply writings as I am doing, you will understand how the constant energy being utilized senseless by the mind in our ongoing everyday momentum, can become silent and be utilized for a purpose which carries on out transformations, if we acquire what is necessary to have said attributes, functions of a silent mind.

In general activities as in meditation, in nature more so, with the sun, can help greatly in rebalancing your inner grids. If we tip the scales, one end of the balance factor can become overused and have us in a less centered space as in when we want peace and calm and the totality of the present moment of now which is this individual point in time were you see everything happening as it is supposed to, without the use of your mind, before or after an event, should shift independently the formation of how we can understand consciousness.

If we can master this senseless battle or constant inertia of the mind in motion, repeating cycles or songs and more so everyday drama and other stuff which may seem to come up ratter unpleasantly after integrating from some other minds, which were working in tantrum to programs that resembles what the ego is stated to be… If it’s in this case (Ego) all negative energy, would enact polar opposites as energy consciousness in motion would give a rise in the ego, as for enacting, the polar opposite guides symmetrical forms of consciousness throughout venues which interchanges the frequencies in which are bodily construct (Our genome) is currently holding space, (Energy) Intact at a set of frequencies, allowing us to have an experience of reality…

You see someone whom is happy, by being asserted by an ego, a negative experience, the fall* from happy* would bring a general change in frequency which would shift the pattern (energetic construct = structure) which the other soul had as (being happy) and subsequently change the one in ego as well, mainly at the same transcription point (event) which interchanges trough progressions, what seems unlimited in many ways, for us to gain (Rise) or (Fall) after said effects (Foundation = energetic construct = structure) dismantles on occasional fluctuations, which are carried on by the mind.

Now what can be seemed as dangerous, is that if we hold onto that (energetic construct) it has consequences to your own balance. Each energetic construct is driven by a program which the mind can process, reenact, recreate, or simply gradually adjust, by simple refinements while justifications, or probability factors collide, seeming less, on occasional flux, the percentage of individuals having “Mood swings” may be higher in a sense, as for they are at the edge of their catalyst, or breaking point.

The foundation can solve the general construct in how it utilizes in earnest the senses in actual daydreams, while accomplishing some inner proponents to have memory as the guidance system in holding the general structure, attributing within (Contact Core Adjustments).

When the mind becomes neutral and we can learn to stay there for long amounts of time, the reality around you changes ever so slightly until we are either trap back into what the lower energy, being enacted day in day out, we would gradually succumb to as morphogenetic fields exist… Or we eventually do the work, keep balance and take space for our own selves away to recover, meditate. Then by allowing this powerful field of emotion to flourish, the mind can then submit some of its contents on a more subtle and balanced accord, to individually keep in the same state of being (energetic construct) for as long as you need.

You see when we evolve within ourselves, the ways in which we utilize frequencies every day, for health, and wellbeing, lies deep within the roots, what I call the core of the core of the core.

The being within the being within the being. Soul/Mind/Body/Spirit Psyche and Emotional bodies are interlinked through various fields which adapts to the probability factors within the minds… You see the programs, as an example when you drink juice the effects of your mind can be silent, or constant, occasional etc… What I want you to learn is that the mind has its own “priority function”, which is carrying out the general codex for you to adapt the probable manifestations which are send forth to you. As for when the mind is refined and working on a neutral assessment, by then you shall see how the inner workings of consciousness, which we are all connected into, from interactions and experiences. By choosing to ignore the effects of what some lower vibrational beings may be condoning, will bring about a resurge in conscious co-kinetics, as for the interaction would cause the neutral prospects, to sublime the intellectual flow of the variant beings which are coalesced in deeper modules which excels in prosperous energies, what we know as symmetrical balance.

To suppress the emotions caused by the effects of the minds at play (two individuals) or more… Having either anger surface or, happiness, sadness or a mix. What portends to those fabrics are usually conceived deep within the eternal structure of the core, which carries on the mind in processes to actualize the balance factor.

Now maybe some could say the mind never has been, it is something which comes about naturally after a certain stage in our own functioning world to have enactments and advancements made within as a singular human in perpetual momentum within its own mind… Which would be carried on from beliefs in general, what we understand, and have gained as experience, which would catalyze the effects, of what portends to the subsequent rise and falls in energy being transcoded from human to human by interactions.

The bigger you bring in your understandings, from what seems to be conveyed as/from beliefs, the grander (chaotic) things that which may happen in and out of our lives, as people we meet, and some we see, all different ages, different experiences, different level of development… The surrounding implications may shift your general structure (Understanding) if you have no choice but to delve into some of the lower constructs which are utilizing energy in ways which can be cyclic, and always has a catalyst waiting around the corner… Now to understand this catalyst, we need to understand what frequency we are in momentarily, what we don’t see, the unseen energy, it is there for us to bring about experiences which shows how we are in higher or lower frequencies altogether.

Now if love is important, I will show you why, love, compassion, joy, ecstasy, bliss, these states we can attain, all have their catalyst. They are found through a form of agreement.

Agreements to follow through with guidelines or more so space, as intact as we can be in space, when we have set out prepositions on events, the circumstances will come back one way or another as either more frustrating/challenging or so, simply because we are in constant motion, everything is going straight forward, some simple, some complex… In the end we want to find an area of agreement where the complex structures which have been ingrained from generation to generation, could be transmuted to higher light, this could be done in groups, as in schools, or you’re family or simply alone with or without another being.

If the structures are unhealthy MEANING the general agreement is consorted to meaningless apparatus, which is simply the formation of energy (groups) set into beliefs by either having concepts as, what we like, what we don’t like, what we have as interest, what we do on day to day basis (routine), how we are living in the present moment as a totality has billions of individuals, crossing path daily, and having either acceptance from a simple gesture as a smile, rejection (from someone whom may be in the mind) unseeingly this brings me up to ignorance were we need to take part (action) in letting our minds fade away until we have it for utilizations that carry on the next perpetual constructs.

The word (CREATOR) we are creators…

When you see how YOU, crossing path with an individual, has as purpose, an infinite array of choices which you can make to have this simple gesture as a smile, change the totality of how we are seeing the differences in how one person ignoring you or your smile, or rejecting it, may be either running within its own mind, in accords to fixate on a false reality, were one of the main functions is to process information within for generalized structure on accountants which are people having coherent thoughts manifested at will for realities (their surrounding implications) while having co-creations daily. As interactions or simply writings, gestures…

By manifestations we may get, from either the present moment of now, in the heart, awake and aware… Or in the mind, having many, many possible thoughts which may come about from an encounter, individually before and/or after and these thoughts can shift the energy of the other individual which you would encounter. The program, which is the past, resulted in the moment, as we have conditions, and agreements as beliefs exist, the program can be formed in any way or manner. This has as effect a purposeful agreement on how YOU today, can become MINDFUL in perceptive reality, EARTH as we move through space with the many differentiating values which may aid in coalescing or shifting, the general agreement (VIEW) of where you are at in your state of being presently, while reading some of my writings.

In purposeful attempts, what we want to do is adjust the general velocity of how we can come to an agreement form (VIEW) perception which is higher than the perception we have as in our daily routine. When you expand on limitless concepts which accumulates the formations of what I termed a genesis, or subliminal as “self-fulfilling prophesy”, you can mount on attributes which would allow you to become more than what you had pertained to before an expansion, as you gradually see we are in something way deeper than the original story we hear every day.

Sometimes bits and pieces do come out by individuals, having a general stock up point, or culmination for requirements of the above functions, to help alleviate the known world (reality) in which you may be in. Since there is many different realities, everybody is in a different reality, simply the effects, of substantiating the differences, between two points, Energetic formation (Reality) integrated Malleable? Yes or NO, it doesn’t matter the effects are calculated day in day out, every second, every thousand of a second, billions beyond trillions of energetic structures are being shifted daily in the atomic world. Seemingly the smaller you go the quicker they change, there is no holding onto, a certain frequency, for an excess until it breaks apart, and reshapes at another point in time.

You know this made me think of something, if particle accelerators, accelerate particles to see the initiatives of the universe, do you not think that by the nature of those particles, we are made of them genuinely, all of matter is, what happens if they are orchestrating something which brings about the creation of the particle accelerators which would contend to particles holding onto space for an excess of ‘X’ Time, what do you think this could change in the general structure of the subatomic world… Symmetry would then be given as for an equal exchange should be needed, the unseen energy which is the missing energy in calculations, would pertain to hyper dimensional transcriptions.

Now this is something I am working on…

You see if you allow the mind to dissolve completely and only be used when we are in situations in which we would create, songs, writings, technology, whatsoever we are capable of doing, can come about without the use of our minds spherical connotation.

Try seeing a human being for what they really are.

Let the mind fade away, find a place, a practice, a measure in solitude where you can become one within your own nature and the surrounding nature will become about, without.

As individually what goes on within can go on without but without we cannot go within… There for, try a day with a silent mind, not one sound within, what would happen if we never go within, what do you think would happen to the world around us, if every encounter would be made simply from the outside (the without) nothing within…

If it would be impossible to go within, how do you think the timelines and the many other realms which creates discord would carry on with the galactic energies and the continuous flow of energies if we could not hold onto/get attached to anything?

We would simply be enacting, predominantly, all would be seen as an occurrence, and they would happen outside (the without) the within would be still, as in a stasis, you could not keep on grudges or any kind of things, from the energies being drawn to us daily…

In a sense, every time someone offends you or gives out a complex situation for you to respond without much stability for coherency, if the mind would attain a type of singularity, we would be enacting, structures of trust, guidance, immersions of venues were everyone may not ever need to be depressed or anxious about anything.

The mind is like a magnifying glass it takes out experience and maximizes it to the extent that you have either great/good feelings, or bad ones… But by utilizing energy in a way which the structure are kept in ground as in memory, we could bring about a state in which we are stable from the coherent thoughts/patterns we can understand an experience, as above the original (old concept/energy/Earth) reality.

Others nonetheless, a neutral mind may have feelings which may come about in coherent times, from what we call intuition, as for great guidance can be developed from transforming the inner potentialities. Therein lies all secrets within the mind. The mind can deceive you, it can cause fear and many other things, it magnifies, extrapolates towards the subject matter. It can also expand and help create new world experiences and ways of being (Thinking) in general life experiences.

Indefinitely the percentage of individuals working in tantrum with universal life systems as the brain has its capacity to work on out problems of the mind by simple expansions/gatherings of consciousness…

We call it enlightenment.



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