Time nexus

Flowing freely in abundance, what runs smoothly in our relationships has us wondering how a companion can take care in how we do things together. In simplicity having a human with you has many possible venues in which we can have as interactions none the less expressive experiences, emotional, condensed experiences sometimes, secrecy, allowance, exposure, doubts, conflicts, troubles, love, compassion, expectancy etc… These are all things which can be experienced in a relationship, tough some of them can be used in excess, while others are good some other things can be bad, or good at the same time.

When we are talking about a relationship as a couple, what makes us unique, is how we express ourselves in our togetherness, our experiences… If we are adept to fine tuning the fields which corresponds to some of the written words as compassion, or love, in a way it can traverse some potential links in which it opens us up to venues which were not there before, which is not always good, as we can manipulate, in other words try to control, this is not meant to be… We should be able to be free in all that we choose to do.

Now I’m not saying lose your attributes which makes the relationship stand steady, but you can still explore in differentials what accommodates our love towards many things in which others may not be in accords/in alignment with because of certain circumstances (differences) as the things we love, has as positive and negative effects towards your other one, simply because the programing which is inherent, as morphogenetic grids/fields are imposed in our general structure (surrounding implications)… If we were to be in a place where everything was inept, in simplicity do you think that a lover could go with another and not manifest anger or grief, sorrow?

In a way if the general structure of relationships would be in constant change… What has been ingrained as a law which holds 2 people together, can be called an experience altogether, but in any case, it’s always an experience. What you choose to do in simplicity has parts of conditions written or ingrained somewhere (outside, within), and they exist for you to understand how your conscious life experience is an interchangeable system which allows us to duplicate/manifest experiences to allow us to find what we love the most. If it’s learning or simply experiencing, usually what we don’t love has us in worrisome venues sometimes… But in simplicity all is there for good purposes, in the end what is left is a general experience of how or whom we want to be in the next life, which can be reincarnation or simply more to it as we are souls with many differing capabilities and uses.

When everything is in agreements, the simple formations of experiences can be held constant (on occasions) from differentiating the results in which we choose to experience while having similar trips, adjust to the constant flow of love… In reason, whomever your with, if you are missing on love, which brings you to a good state, the ways which we look for something which will satisfy our needs, will become coherent if we adjust to the flows and virtues of experiences trough conditions which are unlikely to change, then in simplicity we have found our match.

Inherent throughout cosmoses, what abides deep within us has processes of assimilation, what we understand on this Earth life experience is always going to be read and recorded down under where our structures are key impositions on how we perceive, how we are aware and how we act (who we are). In simplicity the activities which brings out the best in us, is usually from co-experiences which are (frequency wise) contemporary in the totality of how or what we manifest in earnest as a life experience on Earth.



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