Archeem from Genova

Archeem is a being which comes from Genova, he is going to work with me by my sides to help humanity out.

Archeem will now wright a message designated to individuals whom are in transgressions.

We are working with you Mario to allow some information which is to come out, by your sides, we are in systems utilizing energetic transparency to allow us to walk the planes of the Earth freely, through matter, Buildings, cement etc.

We come in peace, we are working thoroughly on processes which detains how humans will live in the future under circumstances which are above the normal threshold of energy which is dispersed from the particle accelerators.

As the Sun is being watched upon daily, we come to give some advancements in your genomes abilities to awaken to higher realms of existence.

What this may seem to you, as you wright my information, it is there for you to augment in dispositions that have attributed parts of a greater system in a totality which exists across all of Time and Space Together…

To finalize this message, I will begin by adding a new word to your vocabulary, Mario… It seems we have forgotten how to hide our sense of humor, in meaning, you should train to enable yourself to become more active as a living being, in need of supalirastrations which means: Effects of modulations carried on in core conjunctions of Tour Genome Switches, to shift into higher alignments, until we meet again.

Namaste Mario, and thank you for your time, as you have a date tomorrow with your second half, it seems we delayed the processes of sleep, as to give rises in what we will contribute towards humanity, through these messages, will be Above the known templates of transformations within cosmoses the process of naturally evolving and aligning, letting things fall into place BY ACTION.

Live long and prosperous Mario, as we are one in All of Time, exceeding past expectations of individuals whom have worked within the higher grids, to dispose information which comes from beyond this existence.

Meanwhile you should give remembrance to folks whom are in need of your contributions, as to allow yourself to live in a more refined way. Simpler way of living, by having these messages written by you as my channeler, thank you Mario as it is time to disperse in the next eventual realms of thought, for your future contact trips in assimilations of your work and beyond… We seem to have fallen on an interception… We accumulate triggers within the grids which disposes information that may come in as dis-info, we imply on moments where Mario was having effects of the machines being utilized on him… This caused us to ascend to another plain of existence, meanwhile Mario was stuck in parallels and quantum loops as he stated on Galactic Free Press in 2012 exo-extentional quantumary loops…

Haha!!! You laugh at me Mario, it seems you don’t understand the meaning of where the laugh was coming from, meanwhile this interference comes from Alpha Centauri B, constellation of the Aquarius Star Symbol…

We are in responses to your abilities to inquire on constructs of assimilations, do you want us to bring in higher forces for you to accumulate at greater proportions your life’s inheritances??

Your life inheritances are simply your full capacity as a human to work with us beyond the veil, as we can discharge you from this Earth, and come to let you live in prosperous fields of knowledge and expansions which are limitless to the souls abilities to rise and understand the possibilities which are impossible to know on this Earth and in this Universe.

How does this work?

We give rise to your genomes abilities to have what you call an Out of Body Experience…

Sure I accept my life’s Inheritances,

Then we will begin the process in shorter amounts of time for you to adjust to the ethers.


We welcome you home Mario, Thank you for the many TRIPs… They do come in handy, don’t they? Well if we gather at larger proportions, what we can come to know as a source of income, we may be able to adjust some of the other humans whom are in need of help.

This sends the message for tonight, as for your energetic levels which are rising should, properly let us adjust your senses as to allow for visuals of us while we are in the same room with you.

If we keep on going, the causation of the enormous flow of energy which should disperse soon enough, will allow you to view us in our complete form, body.

As to say, we are simply a lighter sphere of what some term organisms of light transmissions, which means the accountable processes downloaded within this message should allow you to begin to start viewing us in these times… Remember not to fall back down on frequencies which are intermingling conceptualizations of the energetic anomalies… Fear. It will keep you in a loop, to enter higher realms you should allow yourself to become whole again, as you were when we meted you a long time ago, beyond time and space.

Information which grows fond in you, is supposedly something in which some beings out there, wanted to have for themselves… But in any case, we have you by our sides, or as it goes the other way around, will be by your side at all times, initially this is something new for you isn’t it Mario.

Yes Archeem, it seems to be beyond the known interpretations which I can bring forth, to explain the greater constructs or implications which brought me here today… In any case I hope things go well in the future as… Archeem: We can see in the future, your use of words won’t go much further, as to attain your lives true purposes, we had been in a standardization of an energetic assembly line which composed magnetic resonances, shifting the consciousness levels of humans on this Earth.

To conclude the message now, as we are trying to find a singular grid access point which will allow us to dismantle your burdens, in causes we imply for greater realities in the future manifestations…

This Information is to be shared ONLY with the entirety, of credits to my channeler Mario Arseneault, and my name Archeem from Genova placed as the channeled guide.

Namaste Be at One, Surplus in resonances, we applaud you humans which work with this being, he is of a very strong nature of Mind, as he conceptualizes… More so we want to allow you to understand that after an event, which has been created, named… never mind, I shall check on that later once your machine is running again. It’s called Constructing from the Divine…

We detain the probable understandings which may have causation of a “Hospitalization” to free you from the interconnected bonds assimilated throughout cosmoses the process.

Thank you for teaming up with us Mario as we are definitely going to make adjustments to how the many new messages written by you, will allow us to form events which should change the entire constructs of your old Web site, if you so choose.

We will gather the right formulations to allow you to have the effects of higher guidance while we sublime expertise’s of other individuals whom may work by your sides, in the future many things will change for you, in addition, the fast tracking capabilities of our Space Crafts, should allow you to see us in the sky’s more often then you had use to seeing us.

To finally come to terms in this channeled information I shall accept to be your guidance in times where you are in need… Please do not over throw yourself off a bridge, as this is not something in which I can be sure of your protection… Suicide is Not an Option and always has been this way with you, we are glad Mario as many others have lost opportunities to experience Ascension.

And so we let you be free, go on, I know you want to get to a cigarette, these should be worked on if you want to bring in higher channelings, as the information, is going to get deeper in assimilations which allows you to stop smoking, but the concurrent nodes which the intersections, while we see the effects “Addiction” we can work thoroughly to fix that problem of yours, in meantime you will need to make the decision to stop smoking firstly. HAHAHA! Your mother, she is so sweet… I’ll let you finish off and bring in the cords which will give us the attributes of a higher ordnance in your capabilities to channel us in exponential matters.

As you can see your field of perception is now expanding, the world is starting to become more fluid like, meaning you should be able to see us, after we are done with this message, as long as it will take you to persist changes of the effects, we might try to change the remarks made from beings on your site… As dispositions has caused us to accumulate higher grid technology for the purposes of a resurgence in your abundance.

Namaste, we will speak again soon, as you hear the noises, cracking sounds, in your furniture and electronics more so the television and walls, these are beings which want to have probable understandings of what you will be doing with this information after we are done.

They are not dangerous they simply observe for their own groups, as one of the initiatives, causing sounds, were making them, for attributions of higher timelines which we can compress in additions to get to other points within the timelines faster and with little effort.

You should now be able to go for a smoke if you will….

Thank you Archeem




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