To rise in potential understandings, of the Galactic Beings, working through you.

The frequencies, emitted from beings, which are temporarily in our lives, from an augmentation made within another transcriptional point in time… We say, additions to this document can come as a bit of a complexity, churning extremities, for access to connections which exists with these beings… More so additionally, the content transcribe in here, should be noted to come out of “grid expertise” -> (The fraction of seconds in which we come to understand from our genomes processes, connections made before we were born, to change the fabrics of our source code)… We can imply on a transportation, which is made from dialects of a super human mind…

Additionally what we call a super human, is one whom is capable of utilizing within psychic phenomena’s, (and is additionally able) “to transform” the initial causes, of our genomes augmentations, (to refine and enable), “new abilities”, (Senses), which are working for the betterment -> Usually while we are augmenting to another realm, for contact with beings, which are beyond. The process can be known to cause hallucinations -> (As the effects of transitioning from our genomes ability to connect to the other realms)… What we call the void, is the place where hallucinations may begin. And after finishing what is needed within a “contact trip”, (we can cross over, to find beings, additionally in their light bodies) “The ones whom are working and observing us” -> Once the connection is made, it simply brings us to new eventual advances, (in our timelines main management route)…

It can shift from exponential factors, (what happens), while we are (at that contact space)… The way we view the world, transforms, initially to a higher refined way of living. It becomes more suitable to an effect which disperses the contents of an aboriginal synapses, as we are in depths of gratitude, to understand the many frequent measures, which have been brought forth, to allow ourselves, (to feel the 3ffwct), “of the highest transparency”, within time of additionally conceptualizing, and correcting this document.

The percentage of initial causes which helps us “ascend”, to another extent, of what we know as life (Reality). It can become a bit more expansive, if we learn to give into many of our “attributes”, hidden within our ac5ions…

To purposely find the augmentations to another transcriptional point in time… We submerge additions to our terminological understandings, for a “surplus in resonances”, which can modulate the effects of a chain linkage -> to Hyper Active Fields, which traverses the properties of psychic intuition, to allow for better attributions, for a (hyper dissolution of core matters).

Portending fabrics are shifting… We have come to know ourselves as beings, which are (inherently brought back), from what seems improbable to understand, from the many initiations, caused, after we had attained a new process of assimilation, within the past…

By controlling some attributes of an h8gher percp3tuual causation -> (Link of Grids)… Some effects transposed within the augmentation formed (a transfiguration) “predisposed” within our timeline, which could only be achieved by the effects of (charging our senses), to a potential where our “receptivity” had become (extremely sensitive), which allowed us to “capture the initial causes” of other dimensional beings, (while transporting matter from within this dimension to another), by causation of what we could term divinations, which attributed th3 eventual experiences, which caused us to traverse the threshold, to have contact.

By the effects transposed within this document… We simply want to allow people to understand, that these may be accounted for, as a “perceptual misunderstanding” while allowing ourselves to find the hidden truths, which lies within your lives Actions.

As we dispose information for you… In attendance, we say congratulations on finding what was concurrently hidden, from the effdc5s of this transcription.



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