Assimilation Postponed


The assimilation processes have been postponed, by the effects of our ground crew members, initially potended fabrics would shift concurrently with nodes adjacent to infinity, where the processes of assimilation could begin in ernest while allowing our heart beat songs to develop.

Occasional misallowance causes us to disperse fabrics of initial causes, frequencies interchanging cosmopolitan lies… Effects regarded as distribution of these forms has affected past anologies while in requirements to greater dispositions which seems to never come…

Temporarily the fabrics are not aligned with whatnwe want to have in theneffects of assimilation, the concurrent maps…

Conscious mapping, was a greater whole in what the probable futuristic Intel can bring about in venues where we are interchanging a greater liable source of information which seems to never end from accumulations within hyper x grids.

Creative setbacks are disposing restructures of the apparent lies which are held under currents of change, the effects are crossing over thresholds that lie in different spaces in time…

Hyper x grids are assimilating… Something… Now concurrently additional to our “conscious mapping”.

Inherent designs are assimilated from constructs of divinations.

Temporal grids are active. Subliminal partitions of a higher octave chain seems to depress an accumulated block (Symmetry).

Far back in time, dispositions allowed for a higher guidance within the mappings.

Subliminal messages were aquired from dialects of supernatural order “forces”.

Suspect in account frequently gives rises in dissociative structuring…

Assimilating symmetric forms of our concurrent nodes help shift and devolve “interaction points”.

Higher Octave Chains are prerequisites of the occasional disproportionate links from inverted, oppression, occultist, over analytical, opposite… Yess the “oppositions”.

Higher Octave Chains are perequisites of the oppositional forces which are interracting in the sub-normal venues (factors) which “inter-changes” the fabrics which shifts in these messages for “mutual” advances at greater conjunctions.

(The assimilation of data which has concurrently been held under oppositional forces, to transgress in potential frequencies which aligns the “matter”), fabrics in causation of “supernatural order”.



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