Understandings which are left out by the associates

2015-11-14 18.35.40

The understandings which underlies the effectiveness of my drawings, in a larger speculation… The understandings are causal in effects of what we achieve from moment to moment, while allowing ourselves to merge in a never ending flow of infinite potential, wherein lies all potential responses, caused to realities ultimate rivalries, in extents to universal laws, and the potential to connect to other realms. Infinity symbolizes the effects of our gradual “undertakings”.

In means the effects regarded as postulations which have been remarkably undertaken from a gradual rise in foreign capacities to “lighter transmissible routes” denotes times in which we were held under captivity, as for our recreational capacity, had been undertaken within another form of transcription, where lied connections to another realm of creation…

From Dimensions which were held under concurrent forms of our undertakings (Rituals) held us in synaptic modulations to another form of reality, held under currents of change, by transgressions…

Capitalized transgressions, from conformable mappings, hereditary, from another space in time. Procurable to extents of a hyper active mind, while we allow for “extra-(dimensions)” to form indefinitely…

What we mean is that the knowledge interposed from growing into our senses, (of our roles) on this Earth had changed rapidly after we assessed (neutral performance intakes) which simply means we are in some type of neutral formation of creation (liable) to some sort of expertise from (grid intakes).




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