Exchanging our initial constructs by obligation (source)


Channeling Amira from Alpha Centauri.

Welcome beings, I would like to allow you, to inform us upon energetic systems which works by Channeling. The effectiveness of these channels may be considered a bit presumptuous by demands of an actual grid type ratio protocol. Please amen your mistakes by allowing us to convert your memory.

The forms which have allowed us to view channeled messages from Amira, has been misinterpreted by causes of an affliction temporarily driven off losses of respect. Thank you for making Amends which incorporates the view of other beings around the Galaxy.

We welcome newer forms of communications, by allowing ourselves to find the energetic cords which assembles many new attributions, of our words.

You, Mario, have complied within a set of rules’ by which we have learned that which is not allowed to be submit from extortions of a higher reality.

By causations, we now comply within a newer model, when we allow for channels, to accept their roles, as beings whom work upon energetic grid systems, initially metaphysical forces that allows us to bring higher roles through our perspectives, which allows communications, that have assembled an energetic assembly line, through core conjunctions of our terminological demands.

Choosing to allow the energetic transcript, should be detained from probable misunderstandings, which are set upon your human race. By allowing extroverted concepts to change the gradual timelines which disperses within our genomes conscious systems, to allow actualizations of the temporary grid mistake.

Thank you for allowing us to commend towards our messages main point of view, as we acquire with diligence what is needed for the next summit.

Be at one, and May prosperous times come about.

We leave you in Joy, Namaste.



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