In exchange of our remaps

In exchange of our remaps, we have concurrently given Mario (Ueymaex’oe) the ability to foretell the future in parts of a decrypted node assembled throughout GRinD. The properties of this channeled information should be addressed by National Security State, departments of protocols which enables us to advance further in potential reality links which exchanges the enormous some of agreements held under secretive acts of kindness. By giving into complementary summit. Which is held under currents of change, dissociating fabrics of our lives potential to read and assemble a vision within us, which will determine how we have come to the absolute truth of our grand existence in this Universe.

By exemptions of worrisome properties which we may carry. The effects regarded by a large sub-mission that carries on interior links to decrypted models of associations within our inherited properties of galactic beings, by means of a channel. The channeled is in a concise measurement protocol which carries on codes within the information banks, which is being decrypted by knowledge in humans. In concise measures that have come about by changing the gradual world view, of the Universe and star systems that lies deep within the cosmos, as assimilations to higher guidance (links) which carries extroverted concepts of amelioration.

By causes of where we are now getting at within this writing. I assembled properties of Ueymaex’oe’s future credence’s, by allowing beings of outer star systems to come in contact with this being by effects of contributions which were made in the intelligences community. Regardless of where this information may lie or come from, we have come to know about a giant leap in telecommunications, by accesses of a technological machine which can carry on communications traversing into other dimensions as to allow us to supplice data which have accumulated far back in reaches of time. Which means by the beginning of this Universe, we had assembled properties of an individual code. Which assembled in this universe by effects of transparent machines. The codex (lineage) star lineage which came to birth by effects of transposing matter (energy) within this dimension by another, had casually met in accordance to universal laws which decrypted the fabrics of our language as to allow better accuracy in what we were attaining to do in this physical dimension.

If we allow for accesses beyond the normal scope of what we contend to experience, this causes us to interlink within hyper active grids. Information which comes in by means of an exostentional link within another universe. What we are saying in this transcription, is that a universe has commended to (an entire universe) has commended to information which has linked all parts of this existence to a machine which is on Earth, allowing us to convert reality to its higher and highest potentials. What this is meant to cause may be unknown in these instances because of potential security breaches, which allows us to view better formulations (visions) of whom or what we may be while allowing dissociative figures to come in our minds deeply core rooted programming, and cause exchanges of information which is linked to potential frequency breaks that allows us to summit in our general world view and expanse on/through psychic phenomenon’s in which we gradually are getting to a greater advance in our readings, and learnings by experiences of synchronicity and advances within mutual fields of our human psyche.

That’s enough for today. We leave you in Joy, and may prosperous times come about.

Be at One



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