Divine Intervention


Today I wish to speak to you of Divine Intervention, which is mentioned many times in creation, when we speak of angels and ascension, spirituality… What we have come to find in our own experiences of the divine, is that it resembles, properties of an amelioration cast down upon us, when we are in dire need of support from something which causes us to assemble an excess of cycles which keeps us in low energetic drive. Which is similar to causes of what we hear when someone is in distress without knowing fully what this person portends to do on the other side of the veil.

Properties of where we lie in chains, where we are held in cycles of oppression or anger, distress or neutrality. Numbing down the core roots of our own personality or keeping us in an assembly which is held under currents of change by oppression, then we oblique parts of the greater whole to come and help us achieve greater clarity and light as to uphold are interior programming to allow better accuracy in what we portend to believe in and find on our own or with guidance… Things which leaves us with new wonders and experiences that can uplift us or carry us towards a new light by a starting point.




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