Transferal Optimatum

2016-02-21 22.38.35

The transferal Optimatum grids have expanded in a large recession of higher octave grids which dispersed aboriginal frequencies, enabling humans to experience higher octave grids (Chains) in core dispersion of an aboriginal flux-chain.

What this means is simple from fabrics which are in a constant metamorphosis… The higher octave grids have dispersed in Gaia’s metaphysical conscious grids, which have been accessed on many occasions from core dispersion’s of an aboriginal synaptic modulation carried on from galactic activity, far away in space.

The modulating core grids, have hyper dilected immersions for contact core initiatives in Gaia’s grid entrancement… Dissolution of Core matters have predominated hyper active fields which were in simultaneous extraction processes, in which fractals of multidimensional imprints, were offset in Gaia’s lower energetic core singularities which expanded an enormous amount of trans-dimensional crafts in and around the Earth’s atmospheric levels for contact core initiatives, Bypassing, simultaneous core contact role adjustments which were needed for advances in Gaia’s Lower Earth Grids.

The proprietorial grids which have caused a hyper dissolution of core matters, has adjusted the potential to read in and out of inter-dimensional “rations”. The very fabric’s of the multiverseĀ  has been accessed from gravitational art’s.

Thank you,

We leave you in joy, Be at One.





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