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Neutrality is a very advance state of being in which humans have the capacity to go into without disrupting their many hidden talents. These talents are awakened from transposing different feelings we have while working in various creative art’s.

Memory is modulated within this writing because I am trying to maintain an apparatus which exists as a subliminal core extension of the word Neutrality which if conjoined properly with the effects of our higher grid’s, we can come to a conclusion of when or what we are suppose to bring forth, through this message, while allowing ourselves to falter into a semi-trance state in which we get better modulations for a consistent rise towards what some term hidden talent.

You see Neutrality allows for a higher communication skill, which if we dispel all of the negative forms of contact either from another being or malevolent spirits we can come to a system break which allows new functionality in parts of ourselves which lies in concurrent forms of symmetrical analysis.

The creation which allows for connections to higher symmetrical analysis, shows that our lives are lived by accessing memorized cords which have been adjusted since birth. They allow for energetic imprints which if we chose carefully what we learn to do, and accept, from birth to now. Our initial startup grids, which were created for us to bring forth a higher functionality through effects of transitional bonding… Re-created moments of our previous energetic imprints which allowed for higher communications, through telepathic modulations, which have come forth by a universal language.

This universal language is apparent in nature. The effects of Earth’s natural capacity to have an extraordinary amount of varieties in species, plants and animals etc. The nature of their being and existence serves a functionality. The only discordance found in their self sustainable nature is when we begin to find a transition, mutation, which kelps the natural effects of the self sustainable nature.

Neutrality works in similar ways, in which parts of the nature which neutrality holds. It can be mutated from discordance which lies in the fabrics of our many energetic imprints. If we chose carefully what we find in all of this, it is self-sustained in a modulated core, (Our Timeline), which passes on, memorized cords which have come about from the energetic imprints.

If we find ourselves in Neutrality, the effects of all energetic cords are dispersed in a concurrent form of awareness which is held under currents of change by the effects of contact. Which would be the transferal point, between what we receive and give.

Neutrality is often misplaced from being to being whom is misinterpreting the energetic cords which are being transferred from low key point. The Low Key Point (L.K.P) is similar to our emotions level of activity from energetic imprints which are transferred daily from being to being.

A High Key Point (H.K.P) allows for accessed beyond the normal scope (Everyday Awareness and Thinking).

Our timelines holds L.K.P’s and H.K.P’s in Awareness and Thinking.

Neutrality is often a state of being which has no hindrance factor, allowing for quicker advances in our learning and development on Earth. A H.K.P is often attainable by staying in a Neutrality which helps in the development and movement of beings whom are in Lower Key Point’s.

Most often, when we come in contact with H.K.P’s we falter in chaotic nodes which shift’s the entire structure of our inner balance. This helps us build up to a newer level of experience in realities energetic imprints.

As memorized cords are easily detached which allows for newer associations, carrying on new functionality in our internal mapping system, which disperses the correct amount of energy for us to feel the effects of the new energetic imprints (Transferal).

We leave you in Joy! Be at One,



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