2016-03-23 23.12.30

Enthrophy, a large speculation on Entropy.

What we see here is termed a dissolution, now what i mean by this, is that, the word Entropy is similarly adjacent to synaptic wave modulations which are carried on from traverses in the multidimensional spheres of our minds barriers. The continuum is termed differently within this writing because I am now enabling a higher view (perspective) of the word Enthrophy, as to allow hyper dissolution’s to occur on the main language (Input) within synaptic wave modulations, which are carried on from traverses within the minds internal mapping systems, relocating, multidimensional mapping systems (Energy) from our minds neutral Enthrophy*.

Now to allow things to unfold, we are gathering, telekinetic messages, more so telepathic energy (Concepts) emitted from ESP (Large Universal Network) Grids disposing Universal languages from traverses beyond our physical Imprints and levels of comprehensions by adapting a higher probabilistic view on the potentials emitted by beings whom work far back in reaches of time and space.

The length in time, written within this writing, should be known to come from far away spaces in time… Meaning, the galaxy’s future references from acknowledgements made through pin point accuracy (Point A to B) within this galaxy from multiple places at once.

The known understandings in which we find the accurate decline, can denote a large, substantial, leap in traverses made within our multidimensional spheres. Our minds are capable of adapting a High Grid Network Prohevision, multitasking on life’s many challenges which come about from a surplus in resonances, which are achieved, by relocating matter (Energy) from star systems that utilize technology capable of traversing the multidimensional barriers of this Universal Life System. Meaning; The potential to gather enough energy to adapt to a higher probabilistic view of the universes main language which coherently gives rises in Trans-Dimensional Capabilities, which suffices an extortion of data from the Universal Grid Networks.

To come to terms in understanding the capabilities which may lie hidden from extortion’s of the higher probabilistic data acquisitions, we can see that an enormous amount of work has been placed in our terminological demands, in which we achieved a higher grid view, (Perspective) of the world within this universe by going deep within the subatomic roots of the Earth’s, place in time, within this physical dimension, by mapping out an enormous amount of time within the Multidimensional Info Spheres.

That is All, We leave you in Joy!

Namaste :)


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