The intellects acquired trough transformation of thoughts

We supposedly have an intense amount of data in our thought forms. These though forms are acquired when we delve in deeper connectivity (Activity) which enrols our minds towards a receptivity conditioned under telemetric rises of Conscious Co-Kinetics. Additionally, what portends to the enormous amount of data found to be hidden or simply “Unregistered” with our many happenings, it seems to assemble a higher grid tract (View and Perception) of Reality in more than one case (opportunity) of awakening.

What seems to be in partials to what we have come to understand as an awakening is simply a matter of our states of being, implementing higher order structure trough transformations which helps us kelp the natural abilities hidden in plain sight.

The potential we have within our own selves to find the many attributions which has held us under currents of change (Transformations) is interlinked within the higher grids, which are predisposed in subliminal core extensions from deeper levels of our conscious resonances.

Frequencies interplay links to many attributions which may lie hidden from our perceptions and awareness. The simplified core view (Understanding) of the many undulated levels of frequencies being interplayed by a plethora of beings (Creations), is in simultaneous conjunctions with our multiple levels of Conscious Co-Kinetics.

By chances of where we are getting at with this writing, I am simplifying matters for us to attenuate on decisions which have surfaced from reading into this informational field.

The spherical connotations can be seen as an augmentation to another transcriptional point in space and time where we come to learn about our past mistakes which has held us under currents of hyper dissolutions. By chances we managed to acquire a conscious overlap (Awareness within awareness) which has helped us achieve a Higher Grid View (Point of Assimilations) casted upon the Unseen.

What portends to shift at extremes without being noticed, can sometimes cause a bit of chaos or simply a brick (Stop) in our evolutionary latter.

The chain of commands which has helped us achieve a higher understanding of the potential reality links achieved here, lies under concurrent formations which are held under transformations of our lives independent energetic bodies, adapting, learning to Co-Exist with forces which are ingrained in the universal grids predisposed as random activity in which we come to find order and structure by aligning and making adjustments through hyper sensitivity.

Transposing matter in different formations of energy can cause us to assemble a new energetic point (Grid Intake), which allows us to bring about imprints of a new telemetric system which is capable of decoding and helping us create the unknown liable sources of energy which contributes to our ESP.

Simultaneous grid factors which abolishes interactive flows with other beings on this Earth, capable of communing in partials (Small or Big) spaces of reality around the world and beyond, causes us to support a hyper transmissible route governed by attributes of Gaia’s Synaptic Multidimensional Spheres.

Gaia’s Synaptic Multidimensional Spheres, helps us align matter (Physical Imprints) on occasional activity found out to be an excessive counterpart to additions made far back in time. Because of Quantum Leaps we have attained a disproportionate link to higher apertures in the future understandings of individuals whom are creating from the Heart and Soul.

In additions we have complied with a set of rules capable of enrolling humans in a higher standard with the capacity to augment our waves connecting points through synaptic activity in our brains. The more we learn to coalesce potentials which are hidden and become available once we falter into Trans Dimensional Energetic Waves. We come to find frequencies interlinking advents to a new probable understanding of the general velocity force enabled for our crossing point, Unveiling the many new challenges and set of codes in which we have downloaded through conceptions of a Higher Reality.


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