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We seem to be starting off from inner grids which have activated partials, to a totality, in extents of universal law’s, composing numerical standby’s, while achieving higher proponents of the interior grids, predisposing information throughout cosmoses (The Process) … By achieving such indefinite proportions carried on from choices we have in our lives, it can bring associations which are carried on from pathological missions, memory and other attributes which are able to be stimulated. Concept utilizing in the interior modules (Grids) what we find as conscious co-kinetics, enabling higher apertures on accountable experiences (Forces).

Energy in motion of our generated realities

Perceptual grids are created from core assimilation’s. Core assimilation’s are a prospect of awareness and focus, while we learn new things, it comes to term in our interior modules which can then activate higher partials of a reality which is seen through an ever expanding awareness. What we come to find in an ever expanding awareness is similar to synaptic waves conforming gradual paths which brings about extra sensory information in our genomes transitional states of conscious co-kinetics.

Higher grids are created in above and beyond (Consciousness) in (Generated Realities) which have imprinted from cosmic proportions what we have here in our interior modules which has been accessed from far back in time. See because we are interlinked in this universe, from microcosmic, atomic and subatomic fields of information… It drives us into a state of being which temporizes the chance we get to affiliate all of our past lives, and conceptualize information from plugin (Connecting) into the grids, after a set of codes (Experiences) are given by knowledge which is ever expanding and infinite. Some partials to what I am trying to say, is that the effects gathered from linking into (Onto) the internet allows for Conscious Co-Kinetics on a ratter larger spectrum (World Wide Space), from sitting in one place on this Earth. It allows for new management of our lives predispositions which were made beyond time and space.

To view and understand a higher reality, we would need to plug into Universal Nature, which allows for core expansion’s on the generated realities we are use to, and bring in higher octaves which are partials of a greater totality forming advents to new awakening’s in individuals whom are achieving partials of a higher reality by choosing to create and share. The giant leap’s which exists are usually found out to be Generated by the large spectrum of beings which are interconnected by the internet on this Earth, which allows for higher probable understandings in our temporal management which is the causal effect, from events which are caused by connecting into the higher grids and universal language.

Predispositions are a form of contact when it comes to (Realities Emerging from Onset Grid Assimilation’s), Interior links and postulations, which helps us achieve control in fabrics which may have gathered too much energy for good modulations (Momentum).


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