Trans-Dimensional Coding

Accessing Sub-normal fields of knowledge, which are interposed throughout Cosmoses (The Process). Initiations to higher grounds from assimilations of data is in acquisitioned Synaptic modulations carried on from Trans-Dimensional Beings. Crafts which are Utilized in Consciousness (The Subatomic and Atomic) Nuclear facets.

The known core conjunctions found within subliminal contacts are prepositioned in sub-normal fields with dialects of a Hyper Active Mind (HAM) additionally the core constructs are known to change gradually after a break down analysis, which portends to incisions carried upon Galactic Engineering. More so Memory has been adjusted for core groups… Understanding the half-baked beings out there who uses this memory for additions within temporal disfluctuations… In accountant forms… Memory is additionally able to be prospected in subliminal core groups… (Subatomic Core Groups) has proprietal functions in how we can maintain a substantial grid dissolution within memory and Hypertension… As for we have detained from probable understandings caused from fractalization of internal grids for suspense tricket formulations, which are Sub-normal fields interplaying links to co-active fields upon dissociations of ground matter (Nuclear Energy).



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