Lifes’ Matrix

Channeling Amira from Alpha Centauri

Let’s Begin shall We?

Hello Everyone! This is Amira from Alpha Centauri. I come in contact with you today, to learn of the effects of the Matrix.

Mario here is going to try to get everything in Order Within, as to allow the Energetic Imprints to Shallow Out and bring in The Conceptualizations of my Energetic Grids, which will allow him to Transpose the Information which is transcribed through our Consciousness.

You see Consciousness is Everything. In meaning… Our consciousness is our ability to knowingly bring about Awareness..

There is different Levels pertaining to Consciousness. We, sentient Beings are able to telepathically send on out Information Through the Collective Consciousness, which is the Metaphysical Field of Energy in which all of Humanity on Earth has Anchored, through Energetic Imprints. Which are the Metaphysical Knowledge which builds within us Unseen Mechanics of our Lives’ Experiences.

There is many way’s to experience our lives, simply put, The Energetic Imprints are built upon Awareness of Knowledge Interposed from Experiences within our Memory.

Imprints can transform the way in which we understand Life from Experiences which comes from Unseen Mechanics of Metaphysical Knowledge which Lies deep within the Subatomic Roots of Matter.

Matter is Energy, Energy is a frequency which carries upon Vibrations in which we can call sound. The atomic structure of Matter is Vibrating at Incredible Speeds.

We are made of these atoms and subatomic particles. Universe stands for Uni- One, Verse- Song. In totality Everything is happening at the same time throughout all of Creation. A harmonic standard is held in formation (patterns) and energy in motion (Imprints) of our Generated Realities, which means… Consciousness is a Vibrating energetic Structure which is held together by our Being. Our Beings emitt a Frequency out Into the world.

Our Signature Core Frequency or Vibration, is the Frequency in which we hold on Earth in Manifestation, through Construction of the Divine. The divine is simply a Generic code which allows us to go from Matter (Energy) which is structuralized as Consciousness from the “Uni-Verse” which allows us to slow down in frequency, Simultaneously, while our bodies are being Fermented in the Womb.

When we are dying, our frequencies are slowing down up to a point where we begin to experience many effects of our physical bodies Death, which is where the connection to other realms happen. The other realms are simply a connection we all have when we allow for augmentations of our frequencies through Metaphysics. When we begin to leave our bodies, our frequencies start to rise. Because our physical Body is Dense, which means the energetic structure which is held in form, to allow Matter to Exist, is vibrating at a slower speed which causes us to Be in Place within the 3rd Dimension. Our souls are above the 3 Dimensional Frequencies.

Metaphysics allows for our bodies to augment it’s vibratory state, through Consciousness which allows connections to Higher Dimensions. Which some begin to find Unseen Forces of Nature. The Nature of our Beings, which allows for connections as (Clairevoyance, Claireaudience and Clairesentience). Precognition and Telepathy which is found a lot of times through Synchronicity. When we are holding a Visual Thought in our heads, and we ask another person to describe what is being held within, we can learn about telepathy. More so Telepathy can be refined to such a Degree in which we send on out Visuals within or words as thoughts in which you can receive while reading information or asking for guidance. Simply because matter is energy which are frequencies in vibration, we can manifest sound which is a structure by which our bodies “In 3D” which is the 3rd Dimensional Space, can decode the Information it receives around itself as Reality!

So to Get to Higher dimensional Spaces, all we need to do is go within, Find energetic Imprints in which we can use Simultaneously by running scripts within, which are Utilized through Life (Manifestations) of creation.

Imprints are what we come to find about our Core energetic signature which is carrying a vibration in which we find a creation “as this channeling” which we can use as tools to remember what is metaphysically being Understood through Concepts and use it in your own accords through life to raise your frequencies and allow for “Light Work” which is Metaphysical Work being Implemented (Used) in our daily lives for Experiences of Higher realities.

Now see the difference between a high reality and low reality is that when we feel depressed or anxious. The energetic frequencies we hold in place are of lower or different patterning, which creates the conscious experience of a reality in which we see and experience the anxiety and depression. But to do “Light Work” we allow ourselves to take control of the energy which is used and consciously transform it by refining it with metaphysical knowledge (Light) which we carry within our experiences to allow higher awareness in which we find Imprints that can be transformed.

As imprints carry on “Pathological Mission” which shifts our vibratory rates by Trigger Points. In this case we can allow for the awareness to surface from our conscious imprints which changes the general structure of our energy. It is Manifested in Consciousness created from within us which allows us to build a Map, to carry us through lifes many Unseen Mechanics of Hidden Realities/Forces and Conscious Co-Kinetics.

Well that is all for today, we leave you with great suspense in formations of what is to come next in realities which are many times real and happening Simultaneously, we simply experience a different level (Energetic Signature) in which Life is Modulated from different Sentient Beings that allows Metaphysical knowledge to change and Transform the Earth by Becoming Aware of something that is Usually held Unseen.

We leave you in Joy! May prospourous times come about.



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