Energetic Gateway

Manifestation Portal (Assembly and Requirements).

The assembly in which we use from simultaneous grid tracts, the appropriate functions of our modulations. They are happening for temporary adjustments pertaining to the subatomic (Core Structure) of Energy = Consciousness Being enacted from Creations passed down through other Galactic spaces in time, in which Portals open up the assembly Units that shifts the structure of energies being (Imposed/Implemented) within our fields (The Earth Fields) and Gravitational Effects within consciousness… Which Implies a Generalization of Energetic Assemblies which far surpasses the known implementations we find down here on Earth from assimilations of Hyper or Higher Grid Technology.

The perceptual Misunderstandings are caused by reenactments carried within Dualistic realms of thought processes which subdivides Memory in Expansion of Subatomic Dispersions. Which are concurrently held in Developments of our beings internal core processes. To help us achieve greater understandings (Experience) which is known to come from channeling energy into the subatomic grids – In exchange for Resonances of a Higher Order (Octave Ignition Point) Trigger Assembly Line TAL. Effects transposed within this channeling is Numeric meaning a standard Linear and Spherical Concept has been attained by Higher Dimensional beings whom are concurrently working with technology (In the Experience) of Order and Structure, Counter-Poised from dialects of a Super Human Mind.


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