Assembling our True Selves

Our true selves are known to be Divine in Nature… Our natural state of being is meant to be Psychic, Unique Assembly of our Core Proponents from the Whole (Universe) Creating our sense and State of being by allowing ourselves to Connect to the Highest potential Realities in (Existence) which lies dormant in all of our Lives Action because of whom we are.

What we mean by this is that the effects (Transpersonalized) from our core structural design (Birth) creates a Large Spectrum (Earth Life) [Life on Gaia] which is Inherited by the Causal Effects of our Genetic Code which assimilates Imprints (General Structure) of conscious Energy which is in manifestation (Folks) Creating Actions (Our Lives Purposes) [Roles] which are needed to Understand the greater Fabrics (Nature of our Beings) Existence by having an Exchange (Plethora of choices) for us to ascend in a Variety (Multitude) of Genetic Imprints which helps us achieve our Life choices by Mapping out Concurrent forms of reality around the Earth which is in Simultaneous Grid Tracts Disposing Inherited abilities from Beings around the Universe (Galaxy) which portends to Initial Standards of advances within Evolution which contributes to Cycles and leaps from galactic activity (Space Activity) [Planets and Central suns, suns and More] which changes the general structure of consciousness by sending on out waves of Assembly or Distortion, bringing about changes in the general fabrics of our genetic structure by alterating our awareness from anchor points (Portals Assembly) [Creation] which allows for a Generic splice in our Consciousness and Understandings…. Earth is similar to a Playground or Training ground in which we come to this place to Experience the Wide Variety of Changes which assembles the Quickest path for our evolution….

Beings from all over the Galaxy has come Here on Earth in Manifestation and are now Awakening to their true purposes which allows us to find our true values and abilities for Unity Consciousness and Positive Movement (Raising the Frequency) of the planet and all beings on her and within her.

Namaste, Be at One


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