Assimilations Postponed

What temporarly brings us to these channelings, is similar in Understandings of Realities we Anchor on Earth from perceptual Awareness of our many venues of Exchanges (Receptivity and Creation Manifestation).

Subnormal fields are dispensed from Reading into (Anchoring) and Manifesting while we are in Different Levels of Frequencies (Enacting from Multiple Structures) what we temporarily find as an exchange From one to Another (Friction) which drives the entire Systems, in Multidimensional Resonances.

What this means is that the effects of transparency, only allows us to see, what is mainly being uncovered Within after Shifting the Structure of our Reality by Anchoring/Receiving Higher Dimensional Awareness (Structures) in which the causal effects are Friction, a BUILD within which shifts the entire Knowledge of Existence from our concurrent view points (Perceptions of Reality). It causes a Higher Awareness and Consciousness which derives off of Simultaneous Grid Tracts.

Your welcome to Visit my new web site (The Higher Perspectives)

May the Highest Light Guide you in All Situations



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