Time Space Inversion, Amira from Alpha Centauri, Channeled Message 2016-08-05

2016-04-26 08.04.05

Welcome, this is Amira from Alpha Centauri, let me allow Mario to unfold the telemetric Understandings in which we have proposed to many of you through telepathic communications.

The threshold that we have bypassed from an enormous sum of activity, coming from your sun, in the Solar System, is usually met in accordance to the new energetic gateways in which we have come to find an enormous gap in the telemetric understandings of Mutual Contact Points of Assessment, Neutralizing the energetic cords/cores which are being gathered (Enacted) from Multiple spaces in time. By achieving a higher telemetric Understanding, the supremal activity coming from the Electronic Core of your Sun, is mesmerizing proponents of the conduit we find through your channels (Communications) from/with technology you utilize every day.

Thank you for summing up, the properties of this individuals Core Contact Role… As opposed to the Simultaneous Grid Tracts we have found in Time Space Inversion. The anomaly exists in substantial grid technology, which is the sum concurrent Understandings in which Hyper grid technology or coding is able to Neutralize energetic cores of the space time inversion adaptabilitical-Subatomic Conversion Ratio Span, which is the process by which the “Two Worlds” Collide.

Thank you, Namaste


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