Following your Guides, Channeled Message – Amira from Alpha Centauri 2016-08-11

Hello Beings, this is Amira, I wish to let you know today of a particular subject which many have notice throughout their lives, that which is, they all have guides on the other side of the veil. More so what we know (Have come to Learn) about the effects of our guides, is similar in the processes of where we were before birth… You see, our guides come from all over the place, we exist in one particular realm and connect to other realms by making agreements before our initial role down here on Earth, at birth. The potential to verify whom your guides are, have specifique roles and deities by which all of your soul’s representatives and caretakers are with you for specific purposes, beyond what we come to find here on Earth, from the initial process of birth and beyond.
What I know, as Amira, is that I am a particular being, whom has had many past lives, in many different bodies and on many different planet’s. The first step we took, (Our generation) in becoming physically born… You see, Mario will try to wright according to what I will send him, as a quick visual, with information he can conceptualize to allow him to uncover the truths of this enormous process by which we all come from, a part of the One Singular Sound.

By achieving with our guidance, what we have found in these realms of existence… The process by which we connect to you Mario, is similar by how we had come to new extensions of the Ultaihymaextreme, what this means is that, we have proposed to you a new developpment, with the help of your guides, to sooth your soul, in such a way as to allow other beings to work through you, at any given time and oppurtunity, by which you have free will choice to help us from Multiple places in time. To enable a new galactic map, which is concurrently, a system by which we devised opportunistic events, controlled by your existence and free will… In which we chose to help you understand what is purposefully giving, and teaching through you, what is needed for your soul evolution and contemporarily, driving others to do the same things (Exploring) with their minds, what is needed to advance further structures (Constructs) in which we come from. As the same sources of energy by which Earth humans come from, by exchanging metaphysical knowledge, interposed throughout your timelines and grids.

What seems to bother us, ratter on a perplexing account. Is that some folks, have no use for our information, and they allow for many truths to get twisted in their line of activity… By sharing a small part of truth which carries on partials of their own beliefs (The structure Manipulation), which “twists” a bit what we have come to give through you as information, and this causes mishaps, on the physical side of your lives.

You see I am in a space ship, travelling around the Earth’s by atmospheric variations, in which some folks whom have developped high enough technology. Supressed our abilities to go beyond your solar system, without ways to go in or out of it. A barrier which acts on out by the effects of a Machine capable of blocking the Lorigatorithmic Supressor Bonds of the Space time Continuum.

Some ships are capable to go through… They allowed for Hyper velocity Factors to form without the need to be “monitored” for a good gradual Grid Exchange (Point of Assembly) after teleportation.

That is all for today, I wish to speak about Untruths by which this message has carried on perpetuated functions of a belief, by which we have come to find about “The mocking up” effect.

Disbelief carries on many attributions of the energetic cores we reach from humans around the world. It seems they portrait an exact amount of time to either believe or push on out, or away, what they can see as truths or untruths.

Namaste, we leave you in joy!

Until next time.


One thought on “Following your Guides, Channeled Message – Amira from Alpha Centauri 2016-08-11

  1. Truth and untruth. One idea I have read is that truth depends upon the level of vibration we are currently at. We will not be able to understand certain ideas until our vibrations rise enough to enable us to see the possibility of that concept. Another idea is that information that we receive can be altered, or twisted, by the teachings that we were exposed to as we grew. These teachings can create beliefs that encourage behaviors that keep our vibrational levels low.
    Adding to the challenge of raising our vibration are the entities that have been planted in our energy fields. Their “job” (before their dark energy masters were rounded up) was to keep our vibrational levels low. This can disrupt and alter our developing understanding of higher vibrational concepts and ideas. One of the ways they do this is by using Hyper Dissolution. You had a post about this Mario, and this one I got right away because it happens to me so often. Just as an idea begins to form and make sense, it either slides away into a related idea (for example, thinking about how the implant can trigger my emotional body may end up in a review of the emotions I felt while watching a movie) or a completely unrelated idea will pop up (such as, “Maybe I should have a cup of tea…”), These implanted entities can also act upon our emotional energy bodies to trigger fear responses to events (wars, economical collapse, disease, etc) that keep us in the lower vibrational range.
    As we consider and muse about new, higher vibration ideas, it might help us to be able to stay with those ideas if they are presented with some connection to the experiences of lower levels of vibration. From other reading I’ve done, I’m wondering if these higher vibration ideas might need to be “stepped down” somehow.
    Is it possible for the soul (Amira for example) to step down the images you receive Mario? Or for the images to be connected to a 3rd dimensional or lowest range 5th dimensional equivalent?
    As I read your writings Mario, I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of understanding. I can’t quite form the picture I need. I have no underlying concepts to help support the new understanding. I believe that you want to offer these ideas as clearly as possible, Mario, and try hard to do this. Perhaps Amira, and other souls that come though you, can collaborate on trying new ways to offer the concepts through you, so that souls like me can understand, and thereby raise our vibrations.
    Thank you Mario, for being a willing channel to help others rise in vibration through new understandings. Thank you also to those beings who are willing to offer these ideas to help raise us all up.
    Wishing love and light to all,

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