Ultaihymaextreme, Channeling Amira, 2016-08-10

Welcome Beings, I allow Mario to help us retreive what is needed for our next assimilations, contemporarily, channeling from the Ultaihymaextreme.

Because we have faltered on submissible routes this channeling will be portrayed to individuals whom’ known the right formulations for exchanges, of the core contact initiative role. Namaste.

Let’s Begin, Mario, as it seems, people all over the internet are starting to find unusual excerpts. What We do mean by this is that the energetic transcriptions brought up by multiple beings carrying on channeled information from around the globe. Is similarly bringing us to a higher view point (Understanding of Assimilations) brought up by the core contact initiative roles which perpetuates functions of a Hyper Active Mind. A Hyper Active Mind works similarly as a Group Collection (Collective) which is dispersing contents within the many fields (Energetic Grids) which is disposed throughout the other side of the veil… In meaning those whom are connected… Or ratter have the link (Secured the Link) “Made Contact”. We seem to have found about a new “Functionality” in what we are trying to Interpret for you… To give you in a manner in which this Information can be transcribed by you without much “Fuss” or Fault. By means, where we are comming from is similarly linked to a Higher Core Extension of the Universes many diverse Realms of Existence, which portrays an assimilated group concept (Collective Effort) of Multidimensional Resonnances which are Dispersed within the Subatomic Fields… (The Mechanics) which drives the System (Totality) towards a New Mesmorizing Extension. Or core Extension, of the Attributes (Abilities) in which we are comming to find about… (Will come to find about) in the upcoming days.

More so what we have found on this Galactic Plaine, is similarly linked to Higher Octaves of Perceptions in which the Conceptualized Fabric (Structure) of Enlightenment, has been foretold in greater excerpts of your future dwellings. Which means by crossing over this systematic channeling… We have perpetuated a Chain Link (Grid Mistake) which partially took on out from your beliefs… What we have come to find about the Core Extension (Attribute) of Hyper Velocity Factors, which are aligned with sub-dialects within memory (Intergration) and temporal manifestations (Apparition & Event, process=experience).

Namaste, good day to you folks whom may have enjoyed this channeling… Particularly it was design to Mario… But by allowing ourselves to place the information where it belongs on Earth. We can come to new terms (Understandings) which have shifted property of many folks, whom enjoy these channelings… As the wide variety, may become more adjacent… (Sticking) to one particular type of channeling. Which allows Mario’s brain to decypher or decrypt what he mainly can not understand from the Generics which are placed on out in this information by partial grid mistakes (Beliefs).

Be at One, we leave you in Joy! 


Thank you Amira. This particular channeling was design and designated to those whom wanted to learn the truth and untruths about channeling.

Be aware of what comes next, as it is disposed in another Lifetime, after we attend to where or what in particular we are going to find in the near future. In Laymens terms, we have found out about a Particular Mistake, which heralded an energetic Grid Assembly Line. Predisposing within the Subatomic Nature of our Beings Mechanical knowledge. Energy-Transcription & Telepathy.

Rise above the edge of the Universe, and you will find the never ending portal’s to dissmisable routes caused by the frequencies in which we are concurrently working at in Simultaneous times at many places by one Occurance=Thought by which this Thought is the best Describable event by which we exist consciously and subconsciously by the ethernal sound, The Primal=Primary Sound.



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