Assimilating Discord – Channeled Message, Amira from Alpha Centauri. 2016-08-16.

Thank you for BEing here Today.

Beings from all over the Earth are having problems with discordance in their energetic fields… The vibrating structure (Their Energy Field) seem’s to dissimilate data which is acquis from simultaneous grid tracts.

Perpetual systems are offline/online now from knowledge interposed throughout the interior grids (Mapping Systems) Utilized for adjustments of many discorded frequencies assimilated from daylight venues.

In our day’s many things can happen simultaneously or by synchronicity… It can be a Negative Synchronicity or a Positive one… What seems to bother many, is the Negative Synchronicities. While they do happen, we seem to have adjusted just about enough for people to begin Understanding the greater concepts of their messages.

In synchronicity we find value and determination, which is the definitive points of contact after assimilating (Culminating) a singularity Node.

They are deprictive… Simultaneous grid tracts advances prospects from Undulated Memory… Exchange point of contact is assimilated from Grid Mistakes… Data which is interchanged by Negative Synchronicities… Perpetual Functions of those Negative Synchronicities are in Simultaneous Functions of our Singularity Nodes Interpreted by chances of Multiple grid Structures. Alignments which traverses beyond our physical Experiences or knowledge interposed throughout our Interior Grids… Disposing Simultaneous Grid Factors of Aboriginal Concepts Achieved by Chances… Chances of where we are heading at in our Dispositions can be causation of Sub-Normal fields of Intellects which disperses within Aboriginal Synapsis… Energetic Waves Malform through Nutrition of the Genetically Modified Organisms… Prospects Undulated from the Experiences attained after indigesting GMO’s is greatly deppreciated within our Genomes Singularity Nodes… Culminations can derrive from Innorganic Material Conceptualized Frequencies from Multiple Grid Structures… The Genetic Material Found in GMO’s is similarly linked to Higher Causes of Cancer in Patients whom have general “Negative Synchronicities”. It all ties down to how we perceive what is mainly happening to us… While Negative Synchronicities may be no different from Positive ones… This is how we interpret the effects of our Programming (Beliefs Utilized for a Suspection… Inheritent Point of Contact, Assimilation for our Culmination) Experience of what we call Fact as derrived from a Singular Conceptual Point (Event).

Namaste… What you need to know is simply… Causation of what GMO’s may do to our Genomes lies in the Programing. The Conceptualized Experience derrives from Synchronicity. This creates the Cause of where our Belief’s have brought us to… Attaining better Functionality of our Genomes Higher Vibratory States can Realign matters within our Interior Manipulation for a Healthier System… Mainly through Meditation and good thought. Anything is possible from Experiences of our many new findings within… We choose after experiencing a Singularity Node which makes things “Seem As” Static instead of Malleable… Probable understandings of cause is made before we attenuate on the Belief’s which are many times not Imprinted/Ingrained from our Static Beliefs. The systems of Cause “Malnutrition” is made before Indigestion… Which contemporizes what we come to find After or Before Knowing this Information which is a structured pattern for Attributing Discordance and Realigns what we know after reading within Multiple Grid Structures and Subatomic Re-Structuring.

Gooday, I wish you best of Luck in your new Findings.

Namaste, We Leave you in Joy!


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