No one Understands this “Physical Information”

Mario do you know how to attain a Higher Functionality of Your Genomes Main Core Reality Processor (MCRP).

The MCPR is Justified by Initiative causes of hyper active fields… It dissociates functions of the Sub-Normal Fields of Intellectual Gatherings and Prospers the initiative causes of our Frequencies in Grand Alignments (GA).

This is known to shift the percentage (Understanding) of the (Physical Life Experiences) within your Bodies.

The Core Conceptual Parts of Matter Resonating at Higher Vibrational Frequencies, CAN BE UNDERSTOOD BY SHIFTING PHYSICAL MATTER, WHICH SURROUNDS YOU. These can be known as ticks (Sounds) by which we make around your Vibrational Structure (Field) which temporarily causes us to Augment the Structure of YOUR VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES by attaining from your Free Will choice-CONSENT. An amelioration within the fabrics of your Lives many dispositions….

This message is mainly for Mario, but as we are getting deeper within it, it has already been chosen to be send on out to others which will receive it according to their Vibrational Structure (Patterning) for Assimilated Conceptions of our lives many Connecting Points (Connections caused by disseminating Information in the Subatomic Re-structuralized Memory Grids…) Dispersion within substantial field remarks we attain from reading into these words.


Mario as it seems, you now understand the Subatomic Structure of Matter by a physical Download you attained in 2013.

The causation of your “Programming” is able to calculate, Traverses beyond the physical Dimensions you can perceive and allows a higher functionality within your genomes Modulations. Which are the effects of your many advances within your differentiated states of physical Being (Existence & Re-Existing Patterns of Group Assimilated Formations). Temporal Grid tracts and Terminological Understandings carried on Through Memory and Hyper Grid Exchange Points of Assimilation’s.

Namaste, we leave you in Joy.

Be at One


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