A Message from Chantal

Hello Mario, This is Chantal… I come from Pisces (Zodiac Sign) Area within space… In particular I wanted to let you know about what is happening on Your Planet in These Day’s. I am an Extra-Dimensional Being… I have lived Off-Planet in Outer Space for Many Years (Aeons) of your time.. Travelling trough space and exploring many venues (Life Paths) and Studying, Reverse Engineering, Researching on other Phenomenas of The Universe and The Cosmos (Realms Beyond The Universe).

The realms beyond the Universe Act’s in similar ways to a Book. The pages carry on Information, in these pages we can find Paragraphs and Chapter’s. In the Realms beyond Space (In other Dimensions) The chapters would look Similar to New Levels of Frequencies Attained after Finishing the Previous Chapter which would link to the next Realm Chapter, and keep on Changing the Structure of the Story… With the title of the Book, Being the Mechanical Component of your Trip through Many of those Realms. The Paragraphs would be The Assimilated Data for a Concept which helps you Rise in Frequencies (Attain) a higher Singularity of Thought (The Conception) for the next Internal Parts of the Story (Journey).

Where I am heading with this is similar in how you (Humans) begin to Understand the greater Mechanics of Your Bodies’ Vast Internal Space for Creation and Abilities… In this case the Abilities would be Linked to your Senses which allows you to Utilize Life on Earth For Assimilation of Data which Conceptualizes the Processes of Awakening. This allows for your Confrontations within Higher Levels of Frequencies (Vibration) to attain Expanded Group Concepts or Collectives of Beings and Events by which you can Have Contact and Experiences of a Higher Multitude (Levels) of Spiritual Connections beyond your known Resonance Levels in which we dwell in on Earth. With all of It’s many Venues and Group Assimilated Experiences within Society and the Systems which are in Place.

Whence Learnt about our Awareness Can be Used for Physical Expansions of Cosmic Light Generation which can create your Light Bodies and Souls through Core Expansions of the Subatomic Structure of Reality (Consciousness).

Namaste, I am Chantal from what you know as the Pisces Constellation.


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