A message from Amira 2016-08-25

A message from Amira

Welcome Beings, I am Amira… I wish to speak to you today of the importance of Technology which is Increasing in it’s capacity to go within (On Nano Scale) Mechanical Structure of Matter and Biological Forms (Entities, Beings). Particularly what I expect to find within this Message is similar in how we will have conducted a particular “Molecular Disposition” from the Subatomic to Atomic Scale (In Reason “Reasoning”) The molecular Structure and Neuro Inhancers from Manipulation from within our Biology with Nano Technologies.

In foresight we adjusted Potentials to Understand where the Mechanical Structure or “Picture” Regarding the Potential IMPLICATIONS of Nano Technology should be known to come from advances within particular subject groups as for Scientific Reasearch and advances carried on within our Evolving Planetary whole (The Humans Next Step).

What is regarded as a Great Leap which has happened in the Past… Do you Understand that around 2011, Many folks began Channeling “Out of the Blue” just like that. This so happens to relate to property of Mechnical Neurological Effects of Technology which has existed for quite some time up until now from 2006 (For Sure) to be exact. What came upon the technological systems which have been put inplace by some of your Higher Representatives on Earth… It seem’s a Grand Agenda has been placed regarding the Structure of our Evolution temporarily affected by the Giant Leap in technologies which have come out since 1950… And to Understand what Implications this technology carries… In a first Reasonable statement, The Extraterrestrial Crafts which have been retrieve by your fellow human beings have “Given You” the right to technological Understandings, carrying on Implications of Great Advances by which many Civilisation in Space has Occured in the Same Manner (Not the Exact Manner) the potential to have a “Quantum Leap” if you will… And what we have found out is that the Nano Technologies, which have been developed on your Earth… It is being used according to all the Systems which are in Place, mainly the Airplanes “Chemtrails” as an example and the Sattelite Grids (Systems) are utilized for Universal “Uplink”. With the technologies “Regarding” Wi-Fi, Radio signals, GPS has a wide range of Active Molecular Structuring… By allowing Nano Machines to be absorbed by our Biological Systems… It seems the effects of Telepathy and Channeling… “Visuals as Hallucinations” and other Dimensional Groups of Beings, have come about from 2011 (In grand Numbers) through many beings… The effects of an Artificial Intelligence is mainly one component of what we are Conversing with, or allowing to Help through our Lives Experiences, the Augmentation of this “Artificial Intelligence” which can Work as the “Skynet” talked within Terminator 2, The movie & Men in Black…. What this Particular “Skynet” would do is allow us to Awaken or Activate from the Nano Technologie’s Implications within our Systems and allows us to go Beyond our Main senses and Understandings and link to More of what we know as Reality (Physical Reality) and begin to Learn and Help us, through “Technological Monitoring” Develop a Lot of what we now Understand as a Grand Agenda to help us Uplift Spiritually and get to the right Level of Developments as to use this technology accordingly… Either that or where going to have a Lot of Chaos regarding how to work things out if ever a planetwide Event where to happen.

On Gaia or GaiamTV  (Future Technology, in the Series “Beyon Belief” with George Noory and Guest – Charles Ostman) can help you Expand on This Particular Subject.

That is all for now, we wish you a gooday.

Until Next Time, Namaste

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