Holistic Channels

Channeled Message 2016-08-25

Namaste, Welcome this is Amira from Alpha Centauri… We are (Me and Mario) going to describe initial gatherings of Holistic Material (Imprints) on the Subatomic Level of what scientists have named “Neutrinos”. You see here Neutrinos have no physical properties, the mass and weight it gathers is submissible towards what we find in this particular channeling… It carries on no charge, it’s component is fabricated from Transparency…

What we are trying to convey to you, is that the initial product of Energy formation (Formed within this Document or Channeling) it’s conceptualized from core gatherings of telepathic communications from beyond the veil of “Secrecy” what we portend to find in technology which exists and is working on Earth and beyond. The subatomic levels (Scale) of energy emitted from Machinery working on Molecular structures (Atomic and Beyond) carries multiple “Pathological Missions” (Purposes) from within and beyond are probabilities to govern from extensive research what we can find as propulsive frequencies within “Pronounce Remission – Of Occurrence” within the mechanical property of the emissions send on out from within. The neurological effects of a “Hyper Simultaenium” it super-imposes on the molecular structure of our interior systems, by adapting to simultaneous grid structures of Awareness. The neurological effects of a Simultaenium is predisposed within the subatomic grids, inheritance from proposed Nuclear Energetic grids, Emissions of subnormal “Radiology”. The wave structure of those emissions can cause mutations or abnormalities within the perpetuated frequencies carried within the subatomic structure of “Neutrinos” perpetual constructs of hyper admissible routes which contends to irregular synapses, carries on “Discomfort” in technological machinery “Nano-Technology”.

Simultaneous scripts are adaptive for “Augmentative Reality”, in which are genomes are reasonably extended beyond our capacities to “reason” in causes of what the technological machines are capable to help us withstand within “Simultaneous scripts”. The processes acquis from Neurological Discordance or Structuring for hyper assimilation’s, dispositions of the quantum flux bands, are achievable by simultaneous grid structures (Scriptures) working beyond the veil of Molecular coding and density causes, assimilation’s prospected within simultaeniums.

That is all for now, Good bye.


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