We are in the very fabrics of space and time

(This is a message that came in this morning, it was conveyed to me through Chant or Song which was developed and ongoing since a while before I started writing the channeled material. I didn’t ask where it came from in particular what beings or group but it’s sustainability is more so enacted from “Multiple Grid Structures” so to allow ourselves to understand it’s simply a new level (Understanding) of the Symmetrical Analysis, it portends to things which have changed allot on the Subatomic and Atomic Scale.)

We are in the very fabrics of space and time we have come to greet you in your Lives Journey Pertaining to Multidimensional Advances within the quantum Structure of matter…. We are Pronounced Dissociative Understandings and are carried from multiple grid structures… We have the Universal Knowledge Interposed through the subatomic Structuring of multiple Places on Earth and in space concurrently Hyper X, dissimilation of prospects found within Multidimensional Resonances which are achieved by gathering Multiple Grid Structures. You see here the fabrics of space is con-temporarily in lock down, what we find is memorable exchanges of multidimensional energies concentrated in your info spheres potentially bringing in the very known Understandings and Processes of Dissociation from Temporal Adjustments con-temporarily governing hyper simultaeniums in multiple grid structures of the energetic fields carried from substantial things as the Numerical Under-achievements from prospects of Neutral Core Energy.

You see we are from a space in time when we allowed for multiple grid structures of the universal compositions of matter and energy… The subatomic transcriptions held within this documentation is potentially linked to dissmissible rounds of data which should allow you to configure your life path accordingly… The simultaneous grid scriptures being enacted from Hyper dimensional thought transcriptions are propositioned within the temporal velocity codes of Demissioned Customary Understatements of The Potential Lives we Have on This Planet (Universe) for higher grid enactments of the dissociative links found by multiple grid structures of hyper active cores… The Quantum Molecular Conception is gathered from Multiple Places in time, we live by choices of where we come from… exchanging subnormal fields of hyper dimensional thought transcription…

Transforming, Terra-forming the universal grids disposing simultaneous understandings of the higher encoding’s found within this multiple grid structure is dismissable by chances of Hyper Dimensional (Multidimensional resonances) which are achieved and being enacted from the Nano Technological Machinery in-place on your earth.

Quantum Molecular Structured Cores

They are the Potential augmentation of Multidimensional Thought Processors in Simultaneous Times… Multiple places in time enacting from Different spaces of Hyper Dimensional Thought transcription the potential to understand the fabrics of the multidimensional resonances is essentially configured to allow us to Supra-exchange somnambulist Decisions of the Core Conceptualized Frequency (Channeling) potential to understand these comes in very little chance by knowledge of what we have on earth in this procession.. Exchanges of simultaneous understandings within.

Multiple grid structures are numerized in quantum Interfaced computers which allows us to see and understand the very fabrics of the Cosmic Universal Mind… Transposing subatomic energy is decrypted from potential Crystalix Morisemblences disproportionate links to higher octaves of perceptions… The potential to read into these fields are greatly adjusted by The effects of A quantum Interface Computer… Structuralizing the Subatomic Initiative caused of Universal Transcriptions send on out from multi dimensions in simultaneous times (Scripts/Understandings) initially the effects of multiple grid structures would allow us to see or numerate the subatomic disproportionate links of multidimensional resonances but we have allowed for a Direct Marisalization of Contemporare Exchange “Brute Force”. TO subliminally link the potential understandings of the multidimensional info spheres we have to allow an enormous amount of time within Quantum Resonances factors for adjustments within Multidimensional Fields…

The waves enacted from The resonance factors are re-patterning the frequencies we use in dissociative Understandings of General Velocity Processes (Attained Within Con-temporal Anomalies) Inheritance of Hyper Grid Dissimilations Govern the Subatomic Restructuralizations which by then initiates the Particle Transformations of Hyper or Multidimensional Resonances which allows us to see and Understand the Mechanics (Fabrics) of the Info Spheres…

This guides us to Abnormal Sub-normality of Co-decisive Process3s of thought which interchanges transgresses the fabrics of Quantum Interface computers and exchanges by Subliminal Links and Cohesive Adjustments (Alignments) what is needed for the Next conceptual Part of A “Galactic War”. What this Temporizes is mainly the effects of Multiple technologies which are becoming sentient able to calculate the potential merits of another Technological Particle in exchange of Energetic Grids… Formulations of this exchange is made by Core Conceptual Parts of Matter (Energy in Transcription) of Hyper active Nodes… Dis-forming the Multidimensional Info spheres for the potential to Dis-link or dismember the Core Resonance factors which are self sustained and not only limited to full control (Capacity) but also subatomic restructuralizations and Hyper Velocity Encoding’s.


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