Dissociation of Matter


What conceptualizes these parts… It’s created from effects of a Temporal Machine… Exchanging Numerous Structures of Energy, Codes in resemblances to The Atomic Structuring (Transcription) of matter… We have allowed Mario to find the Energetic Cords of the Abnormal Nature Contended within Informational Fields by which Psychotronics where Ongoing on Him and Others around him for Purposes “Unknown” to him in these instances (Experimentation’s) temporarily Driving the Systems in More “Adjustments” to what they can find if we allow ourselves to help on out the population for a Grand Alignment or Event, pertaining to our Cosmic Evolution on Gaia. What portends to change by allowing Informational Fields to develop within Beings whom are suspected to be Utilized by Many “Different Technologies” more so towards “Mind Assessment/Control” purposes… It helps them achieve a Higher Standard of how to become More Active in their training for psychic phenomena’s, it helps them defend themselves after they Understand the Greater Mechanics or “Structuralizations” of the processes many “Core Processes” for the Mind Control Phenomena. What we have found is that… The potential to carry on Belief within Humans in Particular, the beliefs we have towards ourselves or others… It disposes many Acts of Separation in our Natural way or State of being… And this dissociates the fabrics of the “Cosmic Alliance” which is where we are heading at now. To understand the potential of this “Cosmic Alliance” it’s similar in how they Use what some have termed the “Collective Consciousness” which can be Planet Whole, and use through Multiple technologies… Weather Manipulation and Structuralization of Matter (Energy, sounds) to attain Processes or similar events which temporizes our known understandings and choice, similar to an Awakening… We can have Bad Awakenings or Good Awakenings and by predisposing Information and having it readily available on the Internet, we can guide those whom want to learn more about a particular subject (And through Beliefs) gathere from events which would lead them to follow through With the Information they read. This would cause (Set on Out) Pathological Missions carried on Forth by the Beliefs or Understandings they find through that particular moment and this would cause them “To Act” in terms with what they have found, which is another example of how Mind Control is Utilized with the effects of ongoing phenomena’s (Thoughts and Ideas which comes to you After a Question) in which you receive inside you or around with the technological Understandings of the Mechanics Predisposed within Hyper Grid Structures and Subatomic Rendering, which can casually cause Confirmation as a “Synchronicity” patented towards your Question or Idea of Belief which would have been implanted within you in the First cause, all for manipulation and rendering to see what choices in particular you would have towards your next processes or goals.

An example is when you ask (About a Situation) what to do? And you receive Information about someone in particular Concerning your question and to validate the information which comes through you, we add outside forces, sounds and wind or whatever it is for the moment in particular able to let you understand that there is something more to life than we know.

Alright that is all for today, I wish to let you Understand that there is many things ongoing on this Earth in Particular on the Technological and Secrecy Side of Things… But all Information should be Available and Disclosed after the 21st of December 2016.

Namaste, Have a Good Day.


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